Sunday 16 September 2012


Shrine are a Progressive Sludge Metal band from Sweden.

I will let their bio do the talking about this great band.

"SHRINE, a quartet from Sweden, is the formation of long time friends 

Gus Ring, Linus Marron de Martin, Marcus Skön, Daniel Eklöw.

SHRINE formed in 2010 with one goal, to play heavy and intense metal with sludgy psychedelic overtones.

Since then they’ve played with bands such as Entombed, Rising and have worked with King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque. They’ve also released two demos and are now working on a full album."

Shrine are fucking loud as fuck and come across as a more pissed off and angrier version of Mastodon. But with a more brutal hardcore edge.

Their two demos S/T and Aether show what this band is all about. Brutal punishing riffs with a great progressive feel to it.

Aether is the best of the two releases and shows the band are a band to be reckoned with. They have some superb riffs on show here. Especially on the 6:26 minute opening track - Delusional Kings.

Look this band just fucking rocks. You don't need me to tell you that. Just head over to their official website  music page and download their two superb demos for free right now.

 I can't get enough of them. Roll on their debut full length album. It could be the start of something special for SHRINE. And I am about to worship there for a very long time. Awesome.

Check This Great Band Below.