Sunday 16 September 2012


Black Smoke Dragon are Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Spain.

The members are:

Berto: Guitar
Lloymi: Guitar
Oskar: Bass
Alex: Dums

Black Smoke Dragon are a superb Instrumental Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal Band who show a lot of promise. Especially with their latest release - Demo 12 - available for free download on BandCamp right now.

Demo '12 cover art

It may only be 2 songs long and last less than 10 minutes but it shows enough of their brutal raw talent and a band that are a force to be reckoned with. Read their in-depth bio that they sent me.

"We are two guitars (Berto, LLoymi), bass (Oskar) and Drums (Álex). For this recording, one friend (Juanin) help us with keyboard arrangements.

"Black Smoke Dragon is an instrumental spanish band from de northwest of this country (Galicia). We started together at 2009, doing some instrumental jams, with Stoner/Sludge/Doom influences. We love bands like Eye Hate God, Sleep, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Down, Saint Vitus, Mastodon and Black Sabbath, of course. 

We have quick songs, slow sounds and later we introduce psychedelic arrangements. Bands like Ghost, Church of Misery, Kylesa,...we love this noise and shit man! Of course, we play on another bands too. Álex is the exdrummer of Oddy Lane (metal/alternative), Lloymi plays guitar on Arsenaut (Rock/Metal) and Drums on ID3M (Metal), Oskar has postrock projects and plays on ID3M too. And Berto plays on ID3M and Arsenaut too."

So if your a fan of those great bands then your going to dig Black Smoke Dragon. So head over there and get downloading now. As these guys know how to play a mean fucking riff.

Check out their other release on BandCamp as well - Rehearsal 11 - A 5 song and 19 minute blast of top-notch Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal riffs.

You won't be sorry. Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: