Wednesday 19 September 2012

Australasia - Sin4tr4 Review

Sin4tr4 cover art

Australasia are a Post-Rock/Post-Metal band from Italy.

Australasia are a band heavily influenced by bands like Pelican, Russian Circles and Mono. But they do bring their own sense of purpose and vision to the mix.

For their debut EP – Sin4tr4 – they have released a stunning collection of tracks. It has 7 tracks and runs for 23 mins or so. It might not be the most original of sounds but to Australasia’s credit they write fast Post-Rock/Post-Metal tracks. So you don’t have to wait for a long for the next great riff to show up.

And this EP is full of great riffs though out the 7 tracks. Especially my fave track – Spine. The 4:23 mins just flies by and should have you sold in to time at all at this great band’s talent.

The band do throw in aspects of Electronic music as well to show they are not afraid to experiment with their music.

This is true for superb track – Apnea. A song which includes some delicious female vocals driving the music through. It’s quite soothing at times and falls with in the Ambient Post-Rock side of things.

Australasia have a great creative side to their music that should appeal to a lot of fans within the Post-Rock/Post-Metal spectrum. And Sin4tr4 does have a lot going for it. A band this is full of vibrant ideas and who are not afraid to defy genre conventions.

All in all a great debut release for this hugely talented band. Now let’s see what they can do for their full length debut. Hopefully a couple epic tracks to see if they can push the boundaries further like they have done with this great EP.

Highly Recommended.

You can buy Sin4tra from Golden Morning Sounds via Australasia's BandCamp Page.

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