Wednesday 19 September 2012

The United Sons Of Toil - New Record

Forces Of Production: USoT Remixed cover art

The United Sons Of Toil are a brilliant Hardcore Punk/Noise Rock Band from Madison, WI, USA.

The members are:

Russell Emerson Hall - guitar/vocals
Bill Borowski - bass/vocals
Jason Jensen - drums

The United Sons Of Toil were one of my fave bands from 2011 who I originally featured back in May 2011.

I originally said this my original article

"These guys are a politically driven band. And it shows in their music. Each album has a thought provoking message attached to them. And that is a good thing in my book. We need bands like The United Sons Of Toil to show or inform us of the different and political injustices in the world.

They play very loud and angry driven Punk Rock Music with a few Hardcore Overtones.

They are a rare breed of band that their albums are better than the last. Especially their 2011 release - When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful.

Their new album is their best yet. Raw, Loud, Angry and possibly the must truthful record of the year. A voice for people who don't have the choice as we do. Essentially one of the best releases you will hear this year."

And I still think the band are one of the most truthful bands your ever likely to hear. Check out their amazing back catalogue for proof. All for free download on BandCamp right now.

Well the guys are back with a new album of sorts. Forces Of Production - which I will let the guys tell you about it themselves.

"This record, Forces Of Production, has been a long time coming. We’ve talked about doing something like this since our first record came out in 2007. As fans of experimental, dub, and electronic music, we appreciate the recontextualization of art in our current cut-and-paste culture. Who’s to say that the only versions of our songs are the ones we’ve released? 

So we imagined the individual tracks as raw material — merely starting points for new compositions. We enlisted friends and fans and assembled radically  different versions of songs drawn from all of our records. Some of these songs are unmistakably United Sons of Toil songs; others bear little resemblance."

So what you have hear is an outstanding collection of  The United Sons Of Toil  classic tracks but done in a whole different and unique perspective. And everyone of them still packs an almighty punch. I think the band deserves praise for doing this. Letting other artists do their own version of their brilliant music.

And it works for each and every song. The album is brilliantly produced. As with their other albums this is available for free download from BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

You can also buy a Super Deluxe Limited Edition CD Package of this great album as well. Limited to 100 copies folks. So be quick and get ordering.

This is another outstanding release from one of the true original bands out there doing everything by themselves. Do yourself a favour get yourself involved with this truly brilliant band.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: