Thursday 20 September 2012


Koronis cover art

Carrion Mother is a Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal Band from Regensburg, Germany.

The members are:

Aris S. (vocals)
Joe W. (drums)
Fabian B. (bass)
Raffael D. (guitar)
Julius K. (guitar)

Carrion Mother is another outstanding Sludge/Stoner/Post-Metal band coming from our German brothers in arms. But Carrion Mother adds huge excellent vibes of Post-Hardcore and Doom Metal to their music.

If you’re into Kyuss, Sleep, Electric Wizard, ISIS and Neurosis then you need to check these guys out now. As they are absolutely brilliant.

They have just released their amazing debut album – Koronis. A 3 song and 49 minute blast of top-notch Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs that you will fall instantly in love with.

If you’re a fan of the bands above then you’re going to love this album like I did. I only downloaded it from BandCamp the other day and haven’t stopped listening to it. I have listened to it 5 times in the past 24 hours alone.

It’s an incredible release that has come out of nowhere. First track – Earth is an 18:42 minute epic to rival the best of them. Full of hugely atmospheric riffs that crosses the boundaries of Sludge, Stoner and Doom with relevant ease. To leave you feeling stunned at what you’re listening to. This is a song I didn’t want to end. It’s a brilliant start to this sublime album.

Next up is the 16:27 minute epic – Giver Of Warmth – Another outstanding track full of more loud and heavy carnage that came before it. The riffs instantly draw you in until the song takes over your soul. By now you should love this album. It just gets better with each and every listen.

Last but by no means is least the final brilliant epic track – Venus, Goddess. This is a 13 minute monster and probably the heaviest track of the album that has a great Neurosis/ISIS type vibe going on. But with Stoner Metal riffs coming through now and again.

Aris vocals are excellent on this release. Full of emotion and passion that make you care about what he is shouting his heart out about. Plus the instrumental work is perfect through out. You can hear every note and riff played to devastating perfection.

How the heck these guys aren’t signed is beyond me. This album is an incredible work of genius. This has totally blown me away from a band I don’t know much about.

I hope this gets picked up on the other great blogs as the whole Stoner/Sludge/Post-metal world needs to be aware of this brilliant band.

Koronis will definitely be in my top 10 releases of 2012 with other great bands we have featured in the past. And it will be in yours as well.

Look this is available on Pay Anything You on BandCamp right now. Just do yourself a favour and head there now. You won’t be sorry. This album is phenomenal.

Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. Highly Recommended. – What do you think?

Check This Great Band Below.