Wednesday 12 September 2012


Weeping Winter cover art

The Cold View is a Doom/Drone One Man Metal Project from Germany

Andreas aka The Cold View contacted me recently to check out his band - The Cold View. A brilliant and very atmospheric Doom/Drone Metal Project.

Their new release - The Weeping Winter is an epic album that should appeal to all Funeral Doom/Drone Fans. It's bleak from the word go and features some quite fantastic Funeral Doom/Drone ambient noises as well.

This is what to expect from The Cold View's Official Website.

The Cold View is the Drone Doom Metal project of A.A.S. (Bestial). As the first output, the concept album Weeping Winter has seen the pale daylight.

Each month from November 2011 to March 2012 a song came into being. Every one of them is the most emotional expression of personal experiences and experiences of nature during the time of creation.

If your feeling brave enough this is an excellent album to check out. Especially with the darker nights coming in and winter almost upon us in a few months time.

Listen to it if your feeling brave enough. What's even better is The Cold View are giving this away for Free Download from their website and BandCamp.

If your into Sunn0))) then your going to love it. So get downloading now if you have the courage to that is.

Highly Recommended.

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