Sunday 16 September 2012


Pareidolia cover art

Demon Lung is a Doom Metal Band from Las Vegas, USA

The members are:


Demon Lung are an excellent female fronted Doom/Sludge Metal Band who play a great blend of Modern Metal mixed in with old school Doom Metal Carnage.

They have just released their outstanding debut EP - Pareidolia - A 4 song and 21 minute blast of down-tempo based riffs with the cool vocals to match.

This is a band that demands your attention from the start. And believe me they will get it no time at all.

The first track - Lament Code is a perfect introduction to this great band. The 7 mins are slow and brutal from the word go. Don't expect any fast paced riffs as that is not Demon Lung's style. They take their time in building up the eerie atmosphere to deliver a deeply unforgettable slice of epic Doom Metal.

Up next is Sour Ground. A 4:15 minute blast that takes up where Lament Code left off. It feels like the natural progression to lead off to. It showcases this great band's talent of writing haunting lyrics to match the occult tinged Doom Metal riffs.

Wait till around the 3rd minute for some superb guitar work that will leave you breathless.

The last two tracks - Death Mask and Pareidolia just take this EP onto another level. Just more of the same top-notch Doom Metal riffs that should gain Demon Lung a whole lot more exposure. As this hugely talented band deserve it.

Demon Lung are another top-notch female fronted Doom Metal band that I am becoming a fan of. None more so than in 2012. Especially with other female fronted Doom/Stoner Metal bands such as Royal Thunder, Alunah, Bezoar and Undersmile being promoted on this blog.

This is a band that worships at the mighty riff of Sabbath and Electric Wizard but still adding their own great spin on Doom Metal. 

The real star of the show is lead vocalist - Shanda whose powerful vocals add an extra layer of heaviness not seen in most bands today. Awesome.

Demon Lung are a band that I will be keeping an eye on in the future. They have something special here. It's time for the world of Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal to take notice. Brilliant.

Well you can buy this excellent release from BandCamp right now for $4. A great price for such a great album.

But I have to thank Demon Lung for sending me a Mediafire link for you all to checkout yourselves. 

All they ask in return is to let them know what you think on their Facebook Page. Or even better - headover to their store and buy some merch from them.

A great band and highly recommended by ourselves at The Sludgelord.

Check This Brilliant Band Below: