Sunday 16 September 2012


Lords cover art

Speaker Eater are a Sludge Metal Band from Wausau, WI, USA.

The members are

Matthew - guitar/vocals
David - bass/vocals
Thomas - drums/vocals

Speaker Eater are a band who I have featured before. Their blend of Doom/Hardcore/Sludge Metal struck a chord with many of you.

As their previous release was an excellent blast of angry fuelled Sludge Metal carnage. Well the guys are back with their latest release - LORDS - A 4 song and 14 minute blast that is angry and heavy as their last great release.

It's a fucking brutal slab of heavy riffage you all need to check out now. Let the band tell you about this release themselves:

"Our artwork was done by Tim Bradley of the band Orwell ( and we screen-printed the CD sleeves ourselves.

"Speaker Eater is a three-piece sludge metal band hailing from Wausau, Wisconsin. Although Speaker Eater aims to keep their songs short-and-sweet, the barrage of energy released is always thick and massively heavy. Matthew Cihaski’s soaring guitar fuzz and David Crook’s bass rumblings blend together to create a wall of sound that can not only be heard, but felt on a deeply visceral level. 

Thomas Seubert’s furious drumming and tasteful use of polyrhythms are the perfect compliment to their specific deluge of dissonance. Intimidating screams, deeply buried clean vocals, and the tasteful use of piano harmonies tie Speaker Eater’s creation into a uniquely complex sound. 

The band released their Self-Titled debut in November of 2011 and have been hard at work on their sophomore release, Lords, available in August of 2012.

Speaker Eater take deep pride in a DIY attitude, creating and bringing into existence their merchandise and packaging by hand."

My fave track has to be - Inalienable Tongues - A track that shows what this band does so well. Brutal and heavy Sludge Metal riffs from the word go.

What is even better the band are giving this away for Pay Anything You Want Download From BandCamp

Awesome and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: