Friday 7 September 2012

TEMPLE - On The Steps Of The Temple Review

On The Steps Of The Temple cover art

 Temple is an Instrumental Metal Band from Phoenix, AZ, USA

The members are:

Ryan - Guitars, Bass, Keys, Engineer
Rich - Drums, Producer

Well here is a sublime band consisting of a highly talented duo that actually do are a very had band to categorize. Temple are primarily an Instrumental Metal Band who blend the following genres into their music. Progressive, Death Metal, Sludge, Post-Metal and Doom Metal.

Their description from bandcamp gives you a true feel what to expect.

 "Temple's brooding début instrumental release "On The Steps Of The Temple" is 53 minutes of towering riffs, crushing drums and compositions that explore many different territories while keeping it's roots deep in heaviness."

Their début album – On The Steps Of The Temple – is a 6 song and 53 minute monster of gigantic riffs. It’s loud and heavy from the word go. And it’s highly original as well.

The way the band goes from genre to the next is nothing short of breathtaking. Temple have taken your favourite genres, took out the vocals and blended something truly special.

I loved this album from the very first time I listened to it. For a two man band these guys just bring the house down from start to finish.

The songs range from 7 mins to 10 mins in length. All brilliantly constructed epics that show you want these guys can do time and time again.

It never gets boring at all. These guys have written some truly devastating riffs to pound your soul to. Check out sublime tracks – Mountain, Rising From The Abyss, On The Steps Of The Temple and my fave track – Avaritia.

All excellent examples of how the riffs just keep on coming. If you’re into bands like Pelican, Russian Circles, Cloudkicker then you’re going to find much to admire here. It’s a lot heavier than those bands but it does have a fair amount of Sludge/Post-Metal vibes to please even the most jaded of fans.

Temple do include some haunting voice-overs to aid the journey of this incredible album. It does have some breathtaking ambient post-rock passages as well before the heavy pounding Temple comes crashing around you.

This album took 3 years to make. This album is a labour of love for these guys. And it shows. Every note written and played feels like it belongs in that order. It’s a perfect balance of dedication and originality that not a lot of bands can match. But Temple have pulled this big time that I admire them even more for it.

The album will leave you breathless with the amount of action packed riffs on show. It’s brilliantly produced from start to finish an showcases how truly talented Temple actually are.

This is an album that needs to be heard as many people as possible. As I want Temple to release more amazing albums like this in the future.

So there you go. Temple have released a truly wonderful and stunning album that will have you coming back for more.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended. End Of.

You can buy On The Steps Of The Temple from BandCamp right now of $5

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