Sunday 2 February 2014

Princess - Selling Sulphur - EP Review

Selling Sulphur cover art

Album Type:EP
Date Released: 21st July 2013
Label: Self Released

Selling Sulphur, album track listing:

1.The Desert Deep 05:46
2.In This House 04:31
3.[Coronach] 01:01
4.Shaka 02:52
5.Ringing Vale 05:33
6.[Coronach (slight return)] 03:39


If you can imagine the bohemian, ethereal qualities of The Velvet Underground soaked with the fury of Refused or other post punk heavyweights while the entire history of Seattle heavy rock music courses through its veins, you might get a small idea of what Princess sounds like.

Though their newest EP, Selling Sulphur, was released last July, it has now been released on vinyl by Made In China Records, the same Portland label that has brought forth legendary releases by Black Pussy, White Orange, Dog Shredder, Serial Hawk and others.

Listen to Selling Sulphur and let Princess destroy you as politely as possible.

The Band Members

Andrew Chapman - voice
Roddy Chops- guitar
Samantha Wilder- bass
Gator- drums


So the Seattle Grunge Scene rises once again with this Hard Rock/Punk Rock/Grunge quartet known as Princess. If you're expecting some sugar-coated pop-rock with a name like Princess – well you can just get the hell out of here as this band are anything but.

They are one of the new breed of Grunge Bands witch a kick-ass hard-rocking vibe about them. Their latest EP – Selling Sulphur – has been winning praise all over the place and it's not hard to see why. As Selling Sulphur is true blast of good old fashioned Rock and Roll from these fast riffing desperadoes.

First track – The Desert Deep – is a refreshing blast of Hardcore Punk energy mixed with Grunge and Hard Rock vibes that the legendary Seattle scene is known for. Andrew is one hell of a frontman easily going from soothing rock vocals to hard as nails rock god in equal measure. But don't forget the riffs as Princess evoke memories of early Soundgarden at times especially on the heavier riffs.

The band blaze through a stunning arsenal of tracks with enough fire-power to start a war of their own. Especially on tracks such as In This House and Shaka. Both proving Princess are a very dangerous band indeed once they are in full flow. The instrumental work is intense through out. Going from Hardcore Punk breakdowns to superb Hard Rock and grunge undertones which prove the band definitely have a sound all of their own.

I have to say my fave part about this release is the instrumental work as it's brilliant through out. Especially the drums. Gator is a fucking mad-man on drums. Gator feels he is hitting the drums with a hammer at times. A very large hammer as it oozes destruction at every turn.

Selling Sulphur is a blast from start to finish. If you want something quick, deadly and dangerous that will blow up in your face then Princess is the band for you.

Princess. You now have my attention. Now lets see what you can do on a proper full length record.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Cat Jones at Southern PR for sending us a promo to review. Selling Sulphur is available to buy digitally on Amazon and iTunes now. You can buy the Vinyl here.

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Written by Steve Howe