Tuesday 27 January 2015

Addicted Blues by Torf / Sixpackgods / Thy Grave

Addicted Blues cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 21st Dec 2014
Label: No Name Records

Addicted Blues by Torf / Sixpackgods / Thy Grave – Track Listing

1.Torf - Monkey Business / Apes of Fuck 03:03
2.Torf - Sweet Feeling feat. Kova 03:48
3.Torf - Happiness How It Is!!! 03:38
4.Torf - Doomed Youth 03:58
5.Sixpackgods - Nothing 04:33
6.Sixpackgods - Sixpackgods 01:06
7.Sixpackgods - Speed Up Sister 04:48
8.Thy Grave - Satanic Dark Hall 08:12
9.Thy Grave - Rotting From Within 04:17

Torf Members

John, Paul, Nick, Atanas

Thy Grave Members

digger — bass, composing, vocals
helferlein — drums


Here's a rough and ready rough as hell split between 3 great bands – Torf, Thy Grave and Sixpackgods. Torf are from Ukraine, Thy Grave are from Russia whilst SixPackGods are from Finland. They have provided tracks for this excellent and heavy pounding Sludge/Stoner/Doom/Post-Metal extravaganza. Check it out as these bands have included some great tracks to show you what they can do. I dig the tracks from Torf and Thy Grave the most as they impressed me the most though SixPackGods do have some great tricks of their own to slay you with.

Do yourself a favour and check out these great bands now. Yon won't regret it.

Check it out from No Names Record BandCamp Page.

Words by Steve Howe

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