Monday 26 January 2015

Holly Hunt/Slomatics - Split 7" (Review)

Album Type: Split 7Inch
Date Released: 1/12/2014
Label: Black Bow Records, 
Other Electricities

Holly Hunt/Slomatics Split 7 Inch track Listing:

1. Holly Hunt - "Bill Ward" (04:12)
2. Slomatics - "Ulysses, My Father" (04:27)

Holly Hunt is:

Beatriz Monteavaro | Drums
Gavin Perry | Guitars

Slomatics are:

Chris | Guitars
David | Guitars
Marty | Drums, Vocals


Though they may be separated by an ocean, Holly Hunt and Slomatics both reach deep into the abyss and pull out an excellent split 7 inch stuffed with fuzz-soaked riff bombs, crash cymbal abuse, and, interestingly, absolutely zero bass players. (NB. Chris Fielding plays bass on "Ulysses, My Father")

Holly Hunt wastes no time tapping into the Iommian ether. Beatriz Monteavaro (of Floor/Cavity fame) grabs you with tasty, understated fills and busy snare patterns while Gavin Perry clobbers you over the head with riff after riff of saturated heaviness. These two fill up the space in a way that doesn't leave you wishing they had more members for even a second. Instrumental music can often feel aimless and/or self-indulgent -- this track avoids both pitfalls by keeping everything short and to the point. That is the marker of good song writing, one of the many positive characteristics of this release. At just over four minutes, the excellently-titled "Bill Ward" can't be listened to just once. It's that damn good.

Somehow Slomatics manage to sound even heavier with "Ulysses, My Father," albeit in a more traditional fashion. While Holly Hunt's offering is a bombastic, catchy slice of Floridian sludge (who would expect Miami to produce so much heaviness?), the B-side's tone and overall pacing are flat-out suffocating. This outfit get back to their roots here, slowing the pace and cranking the gain on their Dunwich Amplification-made fuzz pedals. The first note kicks you in the stomach, and the next four and a half minutes are no less devastating. The brief appearance of synths mid-song coincides with the tom-fueled respite; you have just enough time to catch your breath before being thrown right back into the thick of it. Though this cut harkens back to their earlier sounds, fans of their latest release ‘Estron’ will not be disappointed in the least.

You need this release. If you know these bands, then you know I'm stating the obvious. If you aren't familiar with either of these bands, take 8 and a half minutes of your time, turn your speakers up, grab a cold beer, and bang your goddamn head.

Words by: Ben Hutcherson

You can pick up a digital version at their respective bandcamp sites and the vinyl can be purchased here and here

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