Monday 19 January 2015

Last Minute Jaffna - Chapter XV - Sludgelord Exclusive Song Stream



Danilo Battocchio - guitar, fx
Valerio Damiano - vocals, guitar
Andrea Skinner Pellegrino - drums
Gianmaria Asteggiano - bass


Born in Torino (Italy) in the mid of 2000s, LAST MINUTE TO JAFFNA released their first ep in 2006, allowing them to tour in their country and abroad. With their 2008 debut album Volume I they marked a better refinement of their own music style, also touring intensively throughout Europe, even opening for Isis at Torino’s main independent festival. 2011 marked an important step in the band’s history: after playing an unplugged gig opening for Neurosis’ Scott Kelly they decided to record some old tracks and some new ones with acoustic guitars, clean voices and other odd instruments, helped by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo of Young God Records’s act Larsen. The result was Volume III, which finally came to light in 2014.

Now, the new album Volume II is set to be released on March 2nd 2015, and it is anticipated as a blast of heavy and atmospheric post-metal sonorities, recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Stecconi (UFOMAMMUT, ZU, LENTO) and mastered by Collin Jordan (YOB, CORRECTIONS HOUSE, MINSK)..

Argonauta Records have kindly allowed ourselves to stream a new song - Chapter XV - from Last Minute To Jaffna's highly anticipated new album - Volume II.

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