Tuesday 27 January 2015

BandCamp Album Of The Week: Wolf Counsel - Vol 1. (Album Review)

Vol. I - Wolf Counsel cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 30th January 2015 – Digital/27th February 2015 - Vinyl
Label: Self Released
Vol. 1 – Track Listing

1.The Gathering 00:30
2.Visions 07:13
3.Battles 07:02
4.Seeking Myself To Live 05:05
5.Wolf Counsel 05:03
6.Passages 06:07
7.She 04:58
8.Now Is Here 05:51
9.Uneven Twins 04:49


WOLF COUNSEL came into existence in 2014 when an archetypal music-possessed veteran bassist/vocalist/songwriter merged his enthusiasm for Bass-oriented music and a great appreciation of heavy riffs into a new band. Primarily rooted in the style of late 70s and 80s prototype DOOM their sound quickly developed a very heavy signature drawing influences from classic Metal, early 90s DOOM, Sludge and Stoner sounds.

Even before WOLF COUNSEL the original creator always had a deep interest in the arts of uncompromising spiritual self-development and strong philosophic views in order to evade this mundane simplistic world. These views and ways are strongly reflected in their lyrical and stylistic obsession.


Bass, Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Drums, Music, Lyrics by Ralf Winzer Garcia
Lead/Solo Guitars by Tom Kuzmic and Andreas Reinhart
Drums (Live) by Reto Crola


Wolf Counsel's debut album is one I've been tracking for a few months now ever since the band posted a couple of tracks online from their debut album – Vol 1. Wolf Counsel play an intriguing style of Psychedelic Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal with hints of classic 70s Hard Rock for one loud and crazy journey.

The album opens up with a 30 second song called - Gathering - which is a soundclip of a pack of wolves either in distress as it's very disturbing to hear and makes you feel very uneasy. The band then eventually opens with the storming 2nd track - Visions - that Wolf Counsel play to their full advantage of noise and scary moods. Coming off as a trippy hybrid of Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet and Saint Vitus. The vocals are steeped in warped crazy doom and gloom theatrics that have a strange and hypnotic feel to them. Lead vocalist – Ralf – sounds like a spaced out and tripper version of Dave Wyndorf channelling Ozzy Osbourne at times.

The music crackles with violent and sinister energy. 3rd track - Battles is song firmly rooted in Psychedelic Doom Metal with hints of modern Sludge/Stoner Metal grooves that carries on the unsettling feel of the album. Its one crazy addictive ride that proves Wolf Counsel is definitely worth your time. For the Fourth track - Seeking Myself To Live - the band venture into Thin Lizzy dual guitar worship with traces of sublime 70s Hard Rock. Add some crazy Ozzy inspired vocals then you have one of the standout tracks on the album. This song is fuelled by the riffs and vibes of the legendary 70s Hard Rock scene.

It's the perfect combination of modern Doom/Stoner Metal matched against classic retro-rock theatrics. Time to get your horns and air guitars to the ready as this song is primed for dangerous excitement of the highest order. 5th track - Wolf Counsel - is a darker affair especially with the lyrical content as it ventures further into the world of occult rock. The album is now in full confident swing with the band comfortable playing the odd progressive musical note here and there even if the mood doesn't call for it.

The 2nd half of the album more than matches the first half as Wolf Counsel venture into seedier doom/stoner metal territory to entice you with. It's an addictive and wild ride where the fuzzy theatrics of songs such as Passages and Uneven Twins - show you Wolf Counsel are brimming full of confidence through out the album. And why not? - As they've created a heavy pounding beast that will hopefully find them an appreciative audience within the Doom/Sludge/Stoner metal community.

The album is available on Buy Now Download from Bandcamp now. The Vinyl Record is due for release on February 27th 2015. Do yourself a favour and check this album out now. You won't regret it. This is my BandCamp Album Of The Week.

Words by Steve Howe

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