Wednesday 14 January 2015

Ghost Brigade - IV – One with the Storm (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 7/11/2014
Label: Season of Mist

‘IV – One with the Storm’ CD//LP//DD track listing:

1).  Wretched Blues
2). Departures
3). Aurora
4). Disembodied Voices
5). Electra Complex
6). Stones and Pillars
7). Anchored
8). The Knife
9). Long Way to the Graves
10). Elämä On Tulta

Ghost Brigade is:

Manne Ikonen | Vocals
Tommi Kiviniemi | Guitar
Wille Naukkarinen | Guitar
Veli-Matti Suihkonen | Drums
Joni Saalamo | Bass
Joni Vanhanen | Keyboards


Being a big fan of music that evokes the desire to sit in the corner and weep, the latest offering from Ghost Brigade ‘IV- One With the Storm’ is welcomed with open arms. Heavy in places, soft in others, this album captures a perfect blend of ferocity and melody. Elements of Katatonia emerge through the prominence of melodic doom, although various styles of metal are incorporated within the album, flashes of Opeth are certainly apparent in parts. Although this is a relatively sombre album, the post rock chuggy rhythms lighten up the melancholic vocals, along with the pensive lyrical content the album becomes an emotional journey of ups and downs.

‘Wretched Blues’ is a depiction of their heavy side, immersed with growled vocals and pummelling riffs, it sets a tone that isn’t exactly continued throughout the album, but is a great antithesis to the more chilled out, melancholic melodies that follow. ‘Departures’ is the track of the album, predominantly due to the undisputable catchiness of the chorus and the aforementioned Katatonia style, portrayed particularly through the guitars. Manne Ikonen’s clean vocals have almost a grungy style, at times sounding a bit like Layne Staley and a lot like Shaun Morgan from Seether. The change up between clean and extreme vocals is utilized well, adding an unpredictable element to some of the songs. ‘Disembodied Voices’ encapsulates Ikonen’s varying vocal style, going from delicate emotionally charged clean vocals to a pained roar.

The album does meander slightly towards the end, ‘Long Way to the Grave’ maybe perceived a bit too emotionally exhausting for some people. Nevertheless, the overall strength of the album is prevalent. In basic terms ‘IV - One with the Storm’ is a very likeable album, it’s not too heavy, it’s not too doom and gloomy, it strikes a good balance that caters to a widespread section of metal fans. Ultimately, it’s memorable, and an easy un-demanding listen, that deserves your full attention. It certainly grabbed mine. 

Words by: Heather Blewett

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