Tuesday 20 January 2015

Horisont - Break the Limit 7inch Single (Review)

Album Type: 7inch Single
Date Released: 6/1/2015
Label: Rise Above Records

‘Break the Limit’ 7inch track listing:

1. Break The Limit
2. Yellow Blues

Horisont is:

Axel | Vocals
Charles | Guitar
Kristofer | Guitar
Magnus | Bass
Pontus | Drums


Twin guitars and soaring vocals go very well together like Sunday mornings and a private strip show. Horisont do exactly that on their interim 7” release, firing up the wee hours of the afternoon on the A-side and getting your lady’s booty shaking on side B. First up is the title track; a rolling, groovy, chorus driven rock n’ roll party, deeply rooted in the Heavy 70’s. Flip this slab over and it’s the musicality that stands at the foreground, with sweet interplay between the band. A well executed change in rhythm kicks in at the three minute mark and leads into a crisp guitar solo to boot. Both sides total to eight minutes of rock n’ roll frenzy in true Horisont fashion, so there are good times all around.

Words by: Victor van Ommen

You can pick up a CD/LP copy here.

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