Wednesday 21 January 2015

The Seduction - You Catch Fire (Album Review)

You Catch Fire cover art

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 23/1/2015
Label: Bandcamp

You Catch Fire’ DD track listing:

2.Wolf In The Night 04:05
3.Rules Of Enslavement
4.Daughter Of A Holy Man
6.Flavor Of The Weak
7.Irish Flu
8.Hell On Two Wheels
9.The Flood


Three years of fast, furious, party rocking and no signs of slowing.

The Seduction is:

Guitar, Vocals - Daniel Biggins
Guitar - Brandon Hamby
Bass - Jacob Shelton
Drums - Jonathan Owens


Bands like The Seduction are a godsend because they show just how easy it is to rock out. With their new album “You Catch Fire,” the band plugs in and kicks out eleven jams in under an hour, never overstaying their welcome. These tracks grab you by the hair, are all up in your face, and leave no room to breathe. They are in go-mode from front to back, so if it’s high-paced hard rock that you’re looking for, then you’ve stumbled into the right place.

Album opener relies solely on its 4/4 stomp, both in and out of the chorus, to get even the short-hairs amongst us head banging. The dudely chants and hardcore screams in “Wolf in the Night” demand attention, relentlessly pushing the song forward like a V8 engine does to a muscle car, elements of Queens of Stone Age are littered with the thickness of other fan favorites like Clutch or Turbonegro, so be prepared for that upbeat beer party. Songs like “Flavor of the Week” and “Hell on Wheels” pass by with simple and extremely catchy riffs, rarely challenging the listener, but with sing-a-longs like these, who needs a challenge?

The Seduction has made a nasty ride with the cool kids on their album “You Catch Fire.” There’s nothing sweet here, just business. None of that experimental, genre-bending, endless guitar solo bullshit, just in your face hard rock n’ roll made to help you let loose. So if you’re on your way out to alter your neighbourhood’s serenity and your own state of mind bring The Seduction out with you and revel in the results.

Words by: Victor van Ommen

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