Tuesday 13 January 2015

Traum - Erode (Album Review)

Erode cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 17th December 2014
Label: Self Released

Sistere – Track Listing

1.Hefna 04:25
2.Oceano Antico 08:23
3.Erode 04:01
4.Solas Dorcha 03:56
5.Dagda 05:27
6.Ecate 02:58
7.Heavydale 03:12
8.Invasori 05:48


Traum. Made in Bologna. Winter 2012. Two Italians and one Irishman. No voice. Traum means "dream", sounds like "trauma". You'll hear both in this music. The desire to express a wide range of deep emotions while keeping an open mind and rigorously avoiding cliché had led to this sound. Genre? That's up to you.


Alessandro Cavazza - chitarra
Michael Harding - batteria
Giulio Sangirardi – chitarre acustiche e baritone, basso, ipad


Traum style of Instrumental Rock/Metal is a strange affair. Parts Post-Metal, Parts Stoner-Metal, Parts Post-Rock, Parts Psychedelic with a slight hint of Doom and Shoegaze being added just for the sheer hell of it. Imagine a more trippier version of Pelican or Doomier version of Karma To Burn and that should give you a good impression on what to expect on Traum's debut album – Erode.

If you dig Instrumental Rock/Metal music then you're going to dig this. Opening track – Hefna – is a loud and heavy progressive take on all things rock/metal. It has it's fair share of quiet post-rock moments set against the more heavier progressive post-metal riffs that makes the album truly come to life. The instrumental work is superb through out. The album will leave you with a warm glow inside despite the heavier moments turning things on their head.

Second Track – Oceano Antico – is a loud and heavy boisterous affair with Traum showing what they can do. It's a progressive odyssey with the band exploring many different musical elements whilst creating an emotionally involving song.

Third Track – Erode – sees Traum fully explore their Post-Metal roots as the riffs are loud right from the start. It has a superb progressive metal feel to it as Traum start to the world what they're made of. The album could of easily been bogged down by the many different genres and ideas Traum have created here, but to their credit, Traum keep things moving along at a fast pace. It never becomes boring as Traum keep you entertained through out.

The rest of the album more than matches up to the earlier songs and this is one album you shouldn't ignore. If you want an album with intelligence and creativity to match then Erode comes highly recommended. Awesome stuff. You can download the album on BandCamp Buy Now.

Words by Steve Howe

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