Wednesday 21 January 2015

The Sludgelord News: Daily Digest

Your rundown of the top sludge news stories of the day …

It’s been ten years since the last new ACID KING recordings were released. Now, the San Francisco trio is ready to roll out their latest effort. The new album is called ‘Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere’ and it will be out April 14, 2015 on Svart Records. The big news of the day came when the band revealed the cover artwork for the new album, which you can see to the side here.

Guitarist/vocalist Lori S spoke about the new record.

“We had several songs in the works over the years that we spent most of our time touring Europe but in between working our day jobs, we didn’t put the effort into recording. I really wanted to accelerate the process and get new music out. It’s time. This music that we’ve been playing for so long, that was initially obscure and underground, seemed to grow over these past 10 years and the timing was right to release this now!”

The artwork was created by veteran tattoo artist Tim Lehi and features a wizard riding an Asian-style tiger in space.

The band will be at Desertfest in the UK from April 24-26. Details of an upcoming U.S. tour should be announced soon.


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In other upcoming release news, Atlanta’s stoner doom darlings ROYAL THUNDER will return this April 7 with a follow-up to their hit 2012 record, ‘CVI’. The 11-song album, ‘Crooked Doors’ will be released by Relapse Records on that date.

The band was quoted in a press release and spoke directly to fans.

“It’s been too long,” the press release stated. “Thanks for being patient with us in delivering this album! We hope you are fond of it. Looking forward to revisiting familiar places and faces.”

Further details are expected to follow between now and the album’s release date.

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Staying with Relapse Records for the moment, LORD DYING are giving fans a glimpse of their entire upcoming ‘Poisoned Altars’ record. The album is set for worldwide release on January 27 before the band embarks on a massive U.S. tour throughout all of February and most of March which will culminate with an appearance at the Psycho California Festival in May. But fans won’t have to wait another week to hear the new album, it’s being streamed in its entirety on Loudwire, right now. The album features 8 new songs.

The tour will kick off on January 31 in the band’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, you can find a link to the event at this location. The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes and physical copies can be pre-ordered at this location.

If you want to listen to the full album, it’s being streamed at this location.

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In other free stream news, the opening track to Seattle-based trio BROTHERS OF THE SONIC CLOTH is up-and-streaming on the Decibel website. The song is called “Lava” and band leader Tad Doyle spoke about the meaning behind the song.

"'Lava' was originally inspired by a Native American folklore story that talks about Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier, both active volcanoes in the Cascade Mountain range spanning Washington State and Oregon. The story in short; 'Where little sister goes, big sister follows,' with 'little sister' being Mt. St. Helens and 'big sister' being Mt. Rainier. Native culture and geology records have mentioned that these eruptions happen every four-hundred or so years. Rainier is well overdue. This song is basically a tribute to the force and natural powers that lay within the region and what an eruption would look like through the eyes of the life that surrounds the region."

The full album will be released by Neurot Records on February 17 and pre-orders are available at this location. You can hear “Lava” right now at this location.

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You may have heard the new Kadavar song “Into the Night” by now (just maybe you heard it on this podcast?), it’s been available as a free download for a couple weeks. The Black Angels’s “Waterloo Waltz” has been available as a free download for a number of days. Both songs are from the RILEY HAWK: NORTHWEST BLOW OUT compilation released through Scion A/V. Now all four songs from the EP are available, the other two by LOOM and Hot Lunch are titled “Midnight Sol” and “Uprooted”, respectively.

Each of the songs on the EP will be featured in the upcoming video series Scion x Riley Hawk Driven, about Riley Hawk and the Sheep Dogs at their favorite skate parks in the Northwest. The artists on the EP were hand-picked by Hawk and he had this to say about the project:

“Music is an important part of skateboarding, I think the two worlds have often been tied to each other. So, when Scion came to me with an opportunity to create a collection of music from my favorite bands, I jumped at the chance to get involved.”

You can jump at the chance to download this EP for FREE at this location.

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Slovenian doom / drone band CHAINS have quietly built a name for themselves in darker quarters over the last few years. Part of what has kept the band ‘quiet’ has been their lack of live shows. Well Chains is ready to take the stage for the first time to perform musical rituals under the name The Chains Experience. The first show is set to take place this Saturday, January 24 in Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska) at DKC Incel. You can find more information about the performance at this location. The band promises that each live ritual will be unique and will offer a visual as well as musical experience for concertgoers.

To note the band’s coming out party, Doom Cult Records will also be re-releasing Chains’s first EP from 2012 titled ‘Of Death’ with an all-new bonus track. The song’s title is “Samhain MMXV” and you can hear it at this location. Originally the work of one man, this bonus track is the first Chains recording to feature new member Knjaz on “ritual drums and chorus chants”. According to the band’s facebook page Doom Cult will be releasing the album as a FREE download.

The original edition ‘Of Death’ album was available as an extremely limited digipack of only 10 copies. The new edition of the CD will be released on January 26 and it will come in a DVD case. For now, you can find a free stream of the album at this location.

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Season of Mist Records revealed yesterday the details of suicidal black metal pioneers SHINING’s new album. Band leader Niklas Kvarforth comments:

"SHINING, the ninth, has been given the name of 'IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends'. For once I am extremely pleased with how this album turned out. I believe that the fevered presence of filth and uncompromising darkness is more prominent than ever before. Not only will our more recent fan-base 'enjoy' the oppression contained therein, but I am also certain that those who stopped listening toSHINING after our fifth album will find the new one plague-ridden with what some might have felt was lacking on the more recent efforts… that atmosphere of old."

The album will be released by Season of Mist on April 20 with pre-sales beginning February 3. Shining have also unveiled a new website which you can find at this location.

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Exile on Mainstream Records has released details of Berlin-based sludge trio TREEDEON’s new album and a free stream has been made available for the closing track. The album, titled ‘Lowest Level Reincarnation’ will feature 8 new songs and over 50 minutes of sludge. It will be released on March 9. If the closing track is any indication, sludge-fiends will want to mark the date on their calendars.

“Definitely the most powerful album I’ve ever been part of,” drummer Christian "Boomer" Böhm said. “We combined aggression and melody, had a great time writing and recording these songs. I can’t wait to play them live, which is exhausting, but very satisfying.”

Once again, you can hear closing track “Terracide”, at this location.

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It was also revealed yesterday that Ipecac Recordings artists Zu have a new album on the horizon. The band broke a three year silence with their ‘Goodnight Civilization’ EP in 2014.  ‘Cortar Todo’ will be their 16th record, but will be the first full-length featuring newest member, Gabe Serbian on drums.

The band has played over 2000 shows in its 15 year existence, so expect an extensive touring schedule to manifest at some point. The tracklist for the new album was also revealed which you can see below.

1. The Unseen War
2. Rudra Dances Over Burning Rome
3. Cortar Todo
4. A Sky Burial
5. Orbital Equilibria
6. Serpens Cauda
7. No Pasa Nada
8. Conflict Acceleration
9. Vantablack Vomitorium
10. Pantokrator

The album will be released on March 23, and you can hear the first single, “Rudra Dances Over Burning Rome” streaming right now at this location.


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And finally, Bethlehem, PA-based hardcore trio SECRET CUTTER have announced two shows this week. The first will be at the famed Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn on January 22. They’ll be appearing with GodmakerHuldraRHIN and Pink Mass. You can find info about the show at this location.

The second show will be held in Providence, Rhode Island on the 30th with Good LordSireLyra and Extinction Machine. Information about the show can be found at this location.

The band recently recorded a cover of Dead Kennedys’s “Your Emotions” which will be included on an upcoming Cvlt Nation compilation.

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And now you’re all caught up in the world of sludge.