Monday 19 January 2015

BTK (Bind Torture Kill) - Condamné (Album Review)

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 26/1/2015
Label: Self-released

‘Condamné’ CD//DD track listing:

1). Labyrinthe de Mort
2). Bain de Sang
3). Abattage
4). Condamné
5). Bestial
6). La Faucheuse

Bind Torture Kill is

Yann Alexandre | Guitars
Benjamin Garçon | Drums
Olivier Alexandre | Voice



Bind Torture Kill wants to induce a sense of dread and panic in the listener that is quickly achieved after the opening drone by abrupt groove changes, choosing just the right “wrong” note, and a monotone (not in a bad way), intense vocal delivery that gives the undulating attack of the music a straight cold stare into the darker parts of the world, these guys from France dwell in creatively.

Drawing equally from mathcore, grind, hardcore, and death metal the riffs throughout feature intense tremolo-picked passages, off-kilter harmonies and melodies, and an intentional lack of resolution that gives each transition the feeling of either smashing into a brick wall full speed or being hurled off a cliff. There are moments where one would think they are about to get a break from the pummeling via some prettier chords and slower tempos. It is quickly realized, however, that much like a psycho in so many horror movies, that these passages are simply there to lull you into an unwarranted security when the double kick and that insane mid-pitched, barking howl come back in full-force destruction mode.

The group creates a surreal, murky atmosphere throughout that pervades even the unstoppably brutal moments. The last track, “La Faucheuse”, opens with a haunting, darkly melodic riff that wouldn't seem out of place on a Norma Jean record and the intensity just builds over six minutes to drag the listener back into the pit the first five tracks created.

The song structures never get boring, and though not as linear as some mathcore and grindcore bands, when something repeats, you're glad it did. I have to admit I don't speak French, so I don't know the exact content of the lyrics, but the intensity of the delivery means it matters little. Nothing on this album feels contrived or forced and each track presents something different while being familiar from the last.

These guys didn't skimp on the production values with clear, articulate percussion, distorted guitars with completely audible tones, and a well-balanced, aggressive sounding mix that was attractive in headphones and through some decent monitors. There is a definite feeling of humans performing that goes missing from so many modern heavy music productions. If off-kilter rhythms, out-of-the-ordinary song structures, and disturbing atmosphere excite you, this record delivers. If the band brings the level intensity they have on record to the stage, it would be one hell of a show. I'll be keeping an ear open for anything else they'll release in the future.

FFO: Ion dissonance/Norma Jean/Gaza/early TDEP/Converge

Words by: Ian Smedbron

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