Sunday 18 January 2015

Bandcamp Album Of The Week: Ketamine - 25.807² (Album Review).

23807² cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: 31st Dec 2014
Label: Self Released

25.807² – Track Listing

1.Chameleon-Food Chain-Golden Boy 14:41
2.Hurricane Head 09:30
3.Instrumental 03:03
4.Quitter 05:04
5.Untitled-Halfass 11:39


Ketamine features members of Ludicra, Augurs, Sangre Amado, Sad Sack, Traitors Return to Earth among others and was recorded by legendary Fillmore SF sound man Nathan Harlow and remixed and mastered by FOH Newpot Columbus Brian Simakis. It gives a glimpse of what we were doing in 1996 in San Francisco, when nobody wanted to sound like anybody and the audiences craved diversity. This was the fertile ground that allowed for Ketamine to share the stage with the likes of Acid King, Abcess, Noothgrush, Spilth, Dystopia and may other amazing bands.

I think the lyrics and vocal delivery by Oliver Lodge is simply amazing. His influences were bands like The Swans, the stooges, G.G. Allen, Daniel Johnston and a slew of the most tortured souls you can imagine along with an obscure collection of cassette tapes and 7" singles. Talent beyond belief. Some of the lyrics were written by Blaise Beinvenue, his former Sad Sack bandmate.


Kevin Masters- guitars
Claude Kraemer – drums
Jesika Christ - bass, samples
Oliver Lodge - vocals


Blaise Blenvenue - vocals
Joe Dusty Malanaik - Guitars


Our good friend – Kevin Masters – from one of my fave Doom/Sludge Metal bands – Traitors Return To Earth – asked me to check out his former band – Ketamine. If you reed his excellent bio on the band it will tell you what to expect. Ketamine play an unflinching and unforgiving blend of Sludge and Doom Metal.

It' s hard to believe that 25.807² or 666 as Kevin has told me the album is called, was actually recorded in 1996 as it sounds fresh and exciting 19 years later. The album is immense from start to finish. Wait until you experience the 14 minute epic opening track - Chameleon-Food Chain-Golden Boy - as Ketamine outline their dangerous intent from the start. The vocals have a dangerous quality to them as Oliver sings about some pretty disturbing topics.

With the band being from San Francisco you can detect the violent decaying sounds of Noise Rock that still plays a major part within the San Francisco music scene to this present day. Ketamine may not be to everyone's taste but if you want to hear what San Francisco sounded like back in 1996 then this album feels like a buried time capsule being discovered by today's musical audience. It's a filthy ridden blast of intense vocals and rhythms that will hopefully find a new fan-base amongst today's Sludge/Doom Metal crowd.

Tracks such as Hurricane Head and Untitled-Halfass are the main standout tracks as Ketamine seriously didn't give a fuck what people thought about them back in the day. It's a shame this album was never released as Ketamine could have been serious players amongst the Sludge Metal/Noise Rock scene back in the day. Though the members have gone onto form other great bands, it's great to see where their musical journey evolved from.

My final thoughts on 25.807² is that the album is a downright unpleasant and noisy experience you all should witness. It's still as exciting as fresh today as it was recorded back in 1996. Don't pass this album by. It's a blast from start to finish and why it's my choice for Sludgelord BandCamp Album Of The Week.

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Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Kevin Masters for the tip and info about Ketamine.

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