Thursday 22 January 2015

The Sludgelord News - LINIE - Debut Album Details and Album Teaser


101% pissed-ness plus a healthy appetite for destruction - all of that exists equally in the dead water of a pulsating, buzzing electro-limb


Jörn // voc/git
Alex // git/voc
Ralph // bass/voc
Alex // drums/voc
Iggi // keys/electronics

Band/Album Information

Linie is an Electronic Stoner/Desert Rock Band from Hamburg, Germany and have just finished the work on their debut album. Linie released a Demo EP on Cassette on their own last year and are now looking for a label to release their debut album.

Check out a teaser trailer for their debut album - What We Make Our Demons Do - This is going to be one noisy and heavy affair.

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