Monday 12 January 2015


LongFallBoots is not a band that was meant to happen. The band was formed by accident by friends Alex Caithness (KOSS, Cincinnati Bow Tie) and Ben Holdstock (Paralus, Cincinnati Bow Tie) when their other bandmates failed to turn up for rehearsal. Two and a half hours later and their first EP “It Was Duke” was written.

Hailing from the middle bit of the UK, LongFallBoots make a heavy and groovy noise, written and recorded under ridiculous self-imposed restrictions resulting in spontaneous, fuzz-filled eruptions leading to a string of EPs written in a single night and recorded in a weekend. Their frenetic work ethic lead to the release of 6 EPs in the space of 12 months during 2012 and 2013 before bunkering down to write and record their first full-length “Wait For The Echo”.
The current line-up is rounded out by Amy Smith on bass and vocals. (Amy also contributed vocals on the album).

To add extra excitement they invite friends and colleagues from the local music scene and beyond along for the ride (recent guests include Andi Chamberlain (Eagles Born Vultures), Claudio Aníbal (Ash Is A Robot), Marc Shinner (Those Loathsome Fishmen) and Devi Ever).

The album’s writing sessions were done along the same lines as the EPs - i.e. we wrote about 3 songs a night, then recorded about the same per-day when it came to the studio sessions,” explains the band. “Working fast is really important to us, to the point where we don’t think we could do it any other way. The logistics meant that the album took a while to finish though as we wanted to make sure that we also had a good range of guests (like on the EPs) but getting them in for the recordings was a logistical challenge! The waiting around was really unnerving for us, so in the meantime we’ve recorded an EP and written 2 others (to keep the juices flowing!)

About the duo turned trio they elaborate, “The track “Thousand Hands” was the catalyst for Amy joining the band; we invited her to the studio to lay down some vocals after she’d expressed an interest in working with us. Turns out we work really well together, to the point that shortly thereafter we wrote and recorded our EP “Good at Television” with her on bass and vocals (to tide us over while we waited for guests). When our live bassist Chris moved to Spain there was absolutely no question who would take his place.


Source: Twist & Shout PR