Monday 19 January 2015

The Sludgelord News - Cosmic Carnage 2015 - Forthcoming Gigs

Cosmic Carnage have an insane run of gigs lined up in 2015 around the capital. Attend every single one and go mental!!!

January 31st @ The Black Heart

11Paranoias - Chaps from Bong and Ramesses making ferocious and trippy noises
Ommadon - Loud as hell, punishing doom drone
Dead Woman's Ditch - Somerset based noise doomers feat. Glenn Charman (Ex Electric Wizard)
Cementimental - London Noise legend playing a special doom set

11Paranoias/ Ommadon/ Dead Woman's Ditch/ Cementimental
Saturday January 31st @ The Black Heart, London £7 adv

Feburary 13th @ The Brixton Windmill

Drunk In Hell - One of the best live bands this country has ever produced
Sly and the Family Drone - Weird noises and a guy running around in his pants
The Lowest Form - When you hear this band you basically just shit yourself
Possessor - First proper gig for this occult metal punk band, exciting shit

Drunk in Hell/ Sly & the Family Drone,/The Lowest Form and Possessor
Friday February 13th @ The Windmill, London £6 adv

March 6th @ The Brixton Windmill 

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - blown out spacey noise rock, insane live!
Luminous bodies - Double drumming jaw dropping chaos
Blown Out - Spacey jam band, what's better than that?
Casual Nun - Brand new psych band, feat. Matt from Dethscalator, HUGEEEEEEEEE!
Fuckjar- Maxed out nasty

They also have an announcement soon for a rather special gig taking place April 4th, keep it fucking free people!.

Pigs x 7/ Luminous Bodies/ Blown Out/ Casual Nun / Fuckjar

Friday February 13th @ The Windmill, London £6 adv