Wednesday 21 January 2015

Lizzard Wizzard - Dankrupt (EP Review)

Dankrupt cover art

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 19th January 2015
Label: Self Released
Dankrupt – Track Listing

1.Dankrupt 05:35
2.The Ghost of Randy Savage 06:35


Four piece Stoner Doom from Brisbane, Australia


Stef Roselli - Bass/Vocals
Luke Osborne - Drums
Michael Clarke - Guitar/Vocals
Nick McKeon - Guitar/Vocals


Lizzard Wizzard made an almighty splash into the world of Sludge/Stoner Metal back in November 2013 when they released their acclaimed S/T debut album with it's rough mix of down-tempo Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs with a heavy sideline in finely tuned Doom Metal.

Well those demented and talented Aussies are back with their blistering new EP – Dankrupt. Fans of Sleep, High On Fire, Black Sabbath and Kyuss will be foaming at the mouth as Dankrupt is one heavy, brutal exercise in noise and volume. Opening track Dankrupt is played at a menacing slow pace with depressing vocals to match. Whilst their debut album had a groovy tongue in cheek vibe, Dankrupt is a different beast altogether as Lizzard Wizzard are almost enjoying the unflinching brutality they put you through.

It's back to normal business on the last track – The Ghost Of Randy Savage – another brutal offering that combines heavy as hell riffs with Lizzard Wizzard's sneaky and sarcastic sense of humour. In honour of the great man himself, this track will pin you into submission or pile-driver the hell out of you. Shades of High On Fire start to appear and that is no bad thing as Lizzard Wizzard prove once again they are one of the finest upcoming Sludge/Stoner Metal bands Australia has to offer.

I hope there is another full length record from these guys in 2015 as Dankrupt reminded me how awesome these guys actually are. It's a shame the guys couldn't include another song to end the EP with. Until then, Dankrupt is a must have release. Whatever you do, download this now as it's available on BandCamp Buy Now Download.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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