Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Sludgelord Presents: Phil Weller's Top 25 Records of 2014

25) American Heritage – Prolapse

Their swansong and one hell of one at that. Only six original tracks here, with three covers concluding the record but nevertheless merciless.

24) Melvins - Hold It In

Melvins plus the Butthole Surfers: Cacophonic chaos

23) Yossi Sassi - Desert Butterflies

The ex-Orpaned Land guitarist has crafted a record as beautiful as it is diverse.

22) Serpent Venom - Of Things Seen and Unseen


Gritty doom metal. Staggering live.

21) With Our Arms To The Sun - A Far Away Wonder

Cinematic and captivating, this mostly instrumental record is full.of moving, experimental prog rock.

The Swedes have reached a new level of brilliance with a sound truly unique.

19) The Vintage Caravan - Voyage

Classic rock with subtle progressive twists and bursting with energy. A very young band too.

18) Marty Friedman - Inferno

Smattered with guests, these are some inspired collaborations from a fantastic guitarist.

17) Goya / Wounded Giant - Split EP (2015 Release)

One half is slow, evil doom, the other more succinct and punchy. A perfect split EP.

Crisply produced thrash / death metal, they continue to build on their self-titled record with palpable results.

15) Collibus - The False Awakening

Prog metal excellence. A cacophony of exceptional guitar work and incredible vocals.

14) Pineapple Thief – Magnolia


Simply gorgeous compositions. Perfect for mellow evenings.

13) Floor – Oblation

Sludge pop. Riffs dirtier than a pig in mud but more contagious than Ebola.

The Sludgelord review:

12) Slash - World's on Fire

Slash and Myles deliver huge rock songs once more.

11) Killer Be Killed - Killer Be Killed

Four unique and supremely talented musicians combine and the results are just as we fanatically imagined.

10) Sky Valley Mistress - Rivals, Hounds & Rebel Sisters

Full of fuzz, attitude and swagger.

9) Æges - Above & Down Below


Nasty riffs juxtaposed with soaring, spine-chilling melodies. A fantastic band.

The Sludgelord review:

8) Witchrider - Unmountable Stairs

A record that's just grabbed me. So groovy, so fun.

7) Corrosion of Conformity – IX

COC do what COC do best. Tarquinius Superbus is one of the songs of the year.

6) Paul Gilbert - Stone Pushing Uphill Man


Only one song has vocals, the guitar is the voice here and it sings like an angel. His tones cut right through me.

5) Machine Head - Bloodstone and Diamonds

Metal titans in every sense of the word. Now We Die is a perfectly crafted anthem.

4) Opeth - Pale Communion

Vastly diverse and original, amass with sublime musicianship, Opeth really are a stunning band.

3) Wild Throne - Blood Maker

If only this were a full length record. Absolutely sensational. Short but incredibly powerful.

2) Mastodon - Once More 'Round The Sun

More accessible and psychedelic as they ever have been, but just as alluring. Packed with riffs.

1) Destrage - Are You Kidding Me, No?

Forever astounding, this is pure insanity. Such an ambitious album. Still noticing nuances with every listen. The title track is just unstoppable.