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Eremite - All Things Merge Into One (Album Review)

All things merge into one cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: October 7th 2014
Label: Taxi Driver Records

All Things Merge Into One - track listing:

1.Awareness 07:40
2.The past became my future 10:30
3.Tormento 02:38
4.Drift away 09:33
5.Bowing to the mountain 03:20
6.So distant 02:41


Eremite began at the end of 2012 as the creation of Fabio Cuomo. His need for a compositional independence brought him to write on his own “Of Mist And Fog” (only available online) , a 20 minute doom/sludge-influenced track.

Thrilled with the result, Fabio kept on with this project and on March 2013 he released his first full-length: “Dragonarius”, recorded at Green Fog Studio by Mattia Cominotto and released by Taxi Driver Records (that also released in 2014 the self-titled debut album of his other band, Mope).

Dragonarius” received rave reviews from the beginning and Fabio decided he wanted to play his music live.

Eremite from a one-man project bacame a band: Fabio Cuomo (drums, vocals), Giulia Piras (bass) and Leandro Scotto (guitar, also playing in Synodik) started playing live shows around Italy, sharing the stage with bands like Chelsea Wolfe, Elder, Jex Thoth, Oranssi Pazuzu and Belzebong.

The excellent and newfound compositional alchemy between Fabio and Giulia led them to enter the Green Fog studio again in early 2014 to develop the initial idea of the project, combining their two souls and creating their second album: “All Things Merge Into One” recorded, mixed and mastered by Mattia Cominotto.

The album is out on October 7th via Taxi Driver Records, in CD and digital format, cover artwork by Jessica Rassi, and is distributed worldwide via Taxi Driver Record Store.


Fabio: drums and vocals
Giulia: bass
Leandro: guitar


Eremite return with their 2nd album - All Things Merge Into One. It is a great title for a pulsating and brooding album as Eremite blend Blackened Sludge Metal with elements of Hardcore and impressive slabs of all things Metal. Sit back and enjoy this heavy beast as it is going to take you for a one intense wild ride into the darkness.

Opening track - Awareness - is a heavy thunderous offering showing Eremite means business from the start. Heavy slabs of blackened sludge metal riffs combining with excellent fast-paced drumming. However, Eremite does add elements of ambient post-rock to the song towards the end. The vocals may take a few moments getting used to for some listeners. This is a passionate, dangerous and emotionally dark track to start the album with.

2nd Track is the 10:30 minute epic - The Past Became My Future - which starts with a cold atmospheric guitar solo before the ambient noises slowly start building up the atmosphere before the dual guitar/drums of Eremite come screeching in. This can be a very hard song to like at times as the mood is one of noise, emotion and anger though Eremite wisely add Neurosis/Isis style passages of Post-Metal though at a much faster pace. Eremite shows their more creative side here by adding a sublime piano piece in the middle and it gives this song a life of its own. You can tell that Eremite have put a lot of thought into this song as it starts to becomes an emotionally charged bleak experience.

3rd Track - Tormento - is a short piano piece, which slows the albums frantic pace to a standstill. It is another haunting and inventive track from Eremite. It gives you time to catch your breath before the 4th track - Drift Away - takes you on another epic journey of angry progressive carnage that takes time to develop before unleashing heavy slabs of Blackened Sludge/Post-Metal riffs to devour. My advice is to embrace every moment of this almost 10-minute track, as it is a well-written and highly intelligent track.

Bowing to the Mountain maybe one of the albums shortest tracks but it does not stop it being as loud and as angry as its lengthier counterparts. It sees Eremite getting straight down to business of playing intense riffs within a shorter timescale. The progressive edge may have disappeared but this is a track where you can fully let yourself go and embrace the heavy pounding riffs that Eremite have created here. The last track - So Distant - is an ambient piano-based track with a soothing guitar bringing this album to its natural conclusion. Some people may complain they wished the album ended on a heavier note; however, I think it is the best way to end the album, as anything else would be a great injustice to this excellent album.

Thanks to Sara Twinn at Taxi Driver Records for sending me a copy to review. All Things Merge into One is available to buy now from Taxi Driver Records.

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