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KAYLETH - Space Muffin (Album Review)


Album Type: Album
Date Released: 02nd February 2015
Label: Argonauta Records

Space Muffin – Track Listing

NGC 2244


Kayleth were born in the winter of 2005 in the east side of Verona aimed at founding a stoner band inspired to groups such as Kyuss, Orange Goblin and 7zuma7. A continuous sound’s evolution generated self-produced demos and CDs: Not Yet (2006), In the Womb of Time (2008), Rusty Gold (2010) and The Survivor (2012).

Kayleth gigs drew a crowd with their rough psychedelic sounds and doom breaks so their fascinating power led them to support celebrated bands such as OJM and Deville and attend various festivals where they shared the stage among others with Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Verdena, Naam, Spiral Arms and Scorpion Child.

At the beginning of 2012, they were able to get into the famous compilation "Desert Sound" (Vol. IV) with the song "The Survivor". This is a stoner rock compilation downloadable by, commonly approved and clapped by the huge world of stoner music. In 2013, a new member with his synths started the Kayleth to explore new opportunities getting them close to the space/psych rock and launch new songs and a new forthcoming CD.


GUITAR: Massimo Dalla Valle
VOICE: Enrico Gastaldo
DRUMS: Daniele Pedrollo
SYNTH: Michele Montanari
BASS: Alessandro Zanetti


Italian Space/Stoner Rockers - Kayleth - have been around for 10 years now. They have released a few well-received demos over the years. Now they are finally to unleash their much anticipated debut album - Space Muffin - on great upcoming record label - Argonauta Records. So what is the lowdown with Kayleth and Space Muffin? Well it is an intriguing mix of Space Rock, Hard Rock, and Stoner Metal with a hint of psychedelic rock to make these cosmic rockers fly. The band's sound fits nicely between Kyuss, Orange Goblin and early era Monster Magnet. It may not win any awards for originality but for sheer entertainment and high energy, riffs then accept no substitute as Kayleth are in a league of their own.

Opening track - Mountains - wastes no time in showing what Kayleth are all about. It is a hazy psych stoner rock affair with strands of Space Rock and Grunge opening your mind to the weird and wonderful world of Space Muffin. Lead vocalist - Enrico - has a 90s Grunge vibe going on. Possible traces of Chris Cornell and Dave Wyndorf can be detected. The music has a very addictive and hypnotic appeal as Kayleth earn their sonic/spaceman stripes by adding spacey cosmic sounds that make Mountains one of the albums standout tracks. Impressive guitar solos add extra weight to Kayleth's sound as this band play to their strengths.

Italian Stoner Rock Bands have a reputation for experimenting with their sound and going down a very different path to their counterparts. Kayleth avoid this by playing the more straightforward variety of Stoner Rock/Metal. They do not need to experiment with different sounds to show what a great band they are. Kayleth play intelligent music where the lyrics are equally as important as the music. 2nd track - Secret Place - carries on the fast-paced energy from the opening track with the band flexing their musical prowess once again. Kayleth start to add different sonic effects, which turns the song into an intergalactic jamming session of sorts.

Maybe I spoke too soon about Kayleth not being an experimental band as they change direction for the excellent 3rd track - Spacewalk - that opens with different soundbytes with a trippy ambient instrumental stoner rock track before exploding into life around the 2-minute mark. The powerful vocals will keep you on edge even though they are kept to a minimum as it adds to the thrilling story of a stranded astronaut trying to stay alive. A sublime voice-over provides regular updates before Kayleth breakout with heavy riffs that brings back memories of mid 90s Monster Magnet. Kayleth become ever more confident with each passing moment as this album goes into overdrive with superb music winning over the most jaded of hard rock/stoner rock fan.

4th track - Bare Knuckle - is a more progressive affair with the band focusing on complex rhythms and textures for a haunting space rock odyssey. It is possibly the albums more heartfelt track as the riffs are played at a slow-to-mid pace which allows you to become part of the action. You should now be getting a good impression in what Kayleth are all about. Heavy, epic spacey cosmic stoner riffs to lose yourself in. Kayleth have created a stunning new album that will find many fans within the Stoner Rock/Metal scene.

The album is expertly produced from start to finish. It is loud and crisp through out as it makes you feel you are watching a gig in outer space. Other great tracks to check out are - Born To Suffer, Lies Of Mind and the excellent standout instrumental track - NGC 2244. I can see Kayleth playing at some of the more prestigious European Stoner Metal Festivals over the next few years. That is how good these guys actually are. My advice. Buy this album as it is a must have record.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Gero at Argonauta Records and Barbara at NeeCee Agency for the promo. Space Muffin will be available to buy on DD/CD from February 02nd 2015.

Words by Steve Howe

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