Wednesday 1 August 2012

Adrift For Days Album Launch

We all know who Adrift For Days are. They have been on this blog many times now and are personal faves of mine. And cool guys to boot.

Well the guys have asked me to post the following:

Adrift for Days launch new album at free Sydney showcase

Looking for a quiet night of existential introspection? Sydney's psychedelic journeyers Adrift for Days are launching their acclaimed, droning epic "Come Midnight..." at a free showcase on Friday 10 August at the Lansdowne Hotel.

They are joined by Australia's foremost doom band Space Bong. Over the past 5 years this South Australian sextet has built a name for themselves as one of the very best sludge bands in the world. Should justice be served, their name has a place alongside the likes of Eyehategod, Sunn O))) and Yob. Their new album Deadwood to Wormsis scheduled for a late 2012 release through Art As Catharsis.

Opening up the evening are local observers of satanic rites Summonus, and the elated post-metal cacophany that is We Lost the Sea.

This unmissable evening of drone, stoner rock and psychedelia is presented by Art As Catharsis. Come down and be carried away into the depths of your sub-conscious.

Friday 10 August at the Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
- Adrift for Days (album launch)
- Space Bong (SA)
- Summonus
- We Lost the Sea
Doors 7pm. Free.
Facebook event:

Press highlights for Adrift for Days 'Come Midnight...'

“Take The Doors, Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix, put them in a paint mixer and leave it running on over night on the lowest setting. When you get back the next day what will you find? The result will most likely be Adrift For Days, a group of droners, mental drifters rocking out to their post-metal brand of self-discovery.” - Johnny Sixstring, We Love Rock and Pop

"If you love the lysergic grooves of Down. If you’re addicted to the "Dopes to Infinity: of Monster Magnet. If you’ve got lost in the desolation of Earth. If you strangely enjoy the pitiless, agonizing death of YOB... Fuck it; if you just enjoy heavy music, then you must buy this album. It’s a masterpiece! 9/10"
- Chris Ball, This Is Not A Scene

"With only a pair of albums credited on their CV, Adrift for Days deliver a level of quality in their execution that other bands may not find during their entire career. A dark, heavy, and surprisingly moving 60+ minutes of sonic misery, COME MIDNIGHT... is another love letter to the world of doom. 10/10" - Aaron Yurkiewicz, Metal Rules

“Adrift for Days is one of the most unique and original bands that have given the metal and rock in a long time... (they) have created a work that could be easily the best album around 2012. It's that simple. It's that scary. It's that beautiful.” - Ecos de R'Lyeh

Space Bong return to the nation's capital

On Saturday 11 August, some of Australia's heaviest bands invade the nation's capital for an evening of dissonance, psychedelia and drone at The Pot Belly Bar.

Headlining the evening are doom/drone titans Space Bong. Over the past 5 years Space Bong have built a name for themselves as one of the very best sludge bands in the world. Should justice be served, their name has a place alongside the likes of Earth, Yob and Eyehategod. Catch them on their long-awaited return to Canberra, and look our for their new album Deadwood to Worms, scheduled for a late 2012 release through Art As Catharsis.

Joining them is Sydney's hypersexualised, sludged-out swing/grinders Battle Pope, who promise to cut a pious path of sexual destruction through the Canberra's hordes of thieves, heathens, liars and whores -- as well as progressive, techncial grinders Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt.

The evening is rounded out by two locals; the incredible sludged-out metallic hardcore of The Reverend Jesse Custer, and newcomers Canberra Canon's.

Saturday 11 August at The Pot Belly Bar, Canberra
- Space Bong (SA)
- The Reverend Jesse Custer
- Battle Pope (NSW)
- Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt (NSW)
- Canberra Canon's
Entry is $10. Doors at 7pm.
Facebook event:

Love and drone,
- Lachlan.

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AVAILABLE NOW: Adrift for Days - Come Midnight...: psychedelic droning doom for fans of Neurosis, Yob, Earth, Boris and Rosetta.
AVAILABLE NOW: Drone from the Underside of the Earth: A FREE 2+ hour compilation of awesome Australian stoner, sludge, doom, and drone.
AVAILABLE NOW: Serious Beak - Huxwhukw: psychedelic, poly-rhythmic, discordant metal for fans of Meshuggah, Botch, King Crimson and Animals as Leaders.

Upcoming Shows:

28/07 - The Sandringham Hotel: Rosetta (USA), City of Ships (US), Nuclear Summer (QLD), We Lost the Sea, Dumbsaint, Adrift for Days, Islands.
10/08 - The Lansdowne Hotel: Adrift for Days, Space Bong (SA), Summonus, We Lost the Sea.
11/08 - The Pot Belly, Canberra: Space Bong (SA), Rev. Jesse Custer, Battle Pope (NSW), Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt (NSW), Canberra Cannons.
31/08 - Black Wire Records: DEAD (VIC), Battle Pope, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, No Art.
30/09 - Black Wire Records: Space Bong (SA), Battle Pope.
20/10 - The Lansdowne Hotel: Battle Pope.
09/11 - The Lansdowne Hotel: Serious Beak's last show for 2012.