Wednesday 22 August 2012


Vicious Cycle EP cover art

Halmos is a Sludge Metal Band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The members are:

Travis Anderson (drums, vocals)
Corey Briley (guitar, vocals)
Melanie Maher (bass, vocals)
Casey Yarbrough (guitar, vocals)

HALMOS are as Sludge Metal Band blending Hardcore and Stoner Metal to heavy pounding and loud effect.

They released their new EP – Vicious Cycle earlier this year. It’s a 5 song blast that runs for a pulsating 25 mins or so. It’s a loud blast of down and dirty Sludge Metal riffs.

This is a release that will have you head-banging in no time at all. The 25 mins just flies by and Halmos are superb musicians who know how to write a great tune.

The 5 songs here show a band that is definitely in love with the bass. As it’s very over-powering at times but which is a good thing. It shows a band that you need to listen as loud as you possibly can.

Their music does have a cool distorted vibe to it as well. Like they recorded the songs as far as from the speaker they could get but still within a distance you can hear all the great riffs coming through.

Especially on great tracks – Patterns, Theory and Antithesis Superstructure. (Give them credit for some cool song titles as well).

Look it’s another great release you need to check out now as it’s available for free download on BandCamp right now. And I loved every distorted heavy second of it.

Sublime Stuff and Highly Recommended. Just download it. End of.

Check This Great Band Below