Friday 3 August 2012

Electric Church Is Back!!!

Spirit cover art

Electric Church is a Post-Rock/Ambient Rock/Drone/Instrumental Artist from Middlesbrough, North East Of England.

Electric Church is the work of one highly talented dude by the name of Will. Will lives near the same neck of the woods as my good self. I originally featured Will's previous excellent release LOOMER earlier in March 2012.

He is a superb solo artist forging his own identity in the realm of Solo Post Rock Artists starting to appear recently.

Well Electric Church is back with another outstanding collection of Ambient Based Post-Rock Songs to get the emotions going into overdrive.

Spirit is a 4 song and 20 minute blast you need to check out. It showcases what a great individual talent Will actually is. It might not be as heavy as our regular broadcasting but it's full of emotion and passion to stir your senses into action.

If your a fan of top-notch Ambient Post Rock then you can't pass this release up. Sublime Stuff from a great artist who I know will get get better with each release he produces.

Check It Out and see what you feel. I think this is great. It's available for free download from BandCamp right now and comes highly recommended by myself.

Check This Great Artist Below: