Saturday 25 August 2012


Ouroboros cover art

Redlake Circus are a Progressive/Experimental Metal Band From Mexico

The members are:

Le Sxantanas - Vocal/Guitarra - Vocals/Guitar
Luis Iriarte - Bateria y Percusiones - Drums & Percussions
Ben Schmersow (Sohno) - Bajo - Bass

Well what I can say about this band but WOW. Redlake Circus is a brilliant band that I have recently discovered.  They are an amazing Progressive/Experimental/Hard Rock Band that you all need to check out now.

If your into Deftones, Rush and Tool then your going to love this band. As they are a wonderful hybrid of those great bands and more.

They released their brilliant debut album - OUROBOROS in 2011. And what an album it is. It's a 13 track and 64 minute epic of briliant Progressive Rock riffs with an excellent experimental vibe showing at times.

All of the tracks are brilliant as each other. Especially Lucy, Ghost Of Itaka, Canibal and the awesome 10:40 minute epic - Forests

It might not be exactly Stoner or Sludge material but you can't deny these guys are not talented. As they are. They are a super-tight unit and play off each other brilliantly well.

The album sounds fantastic and no wonder. It was mixed by the legend that its Matt Bayles (Producer of ISIS, The Sword and Mastodon).

Look I can't rate this album highly enough. I have been playing it non-stop all week. And shows another brilliant Mexican Metal band to check out such as Akûma, Weedsnake, Words and Apocalipsis.

This album is available to buy on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal and it's a fucking steal. Just head over their now and download it right now. You won't be sorry.

It's a truly breathtaking album by a band you need in your life right now.

Highly Recommended. - What do you think. Fuck Yeah it is.

Check This Great Band Below:


Check Out The Awesome - Canibal