Thursday 16 August 2012

Ice Dragon Are Back Again!!!

Ice Dragon is a Psych/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Boston, USA

The members are:

Ron - Vocals, Synth, Theremin, Drums
Carter - Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joe - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Other Etc.

Ice Dragon is a brilliant Psych/Stoner/Doom Metal Band who have been on this blog no less than 3 times before. Well the guys are back for the 4th time. As they have recently just released their outstanding new album “Dream Dragon”.

Now I rate these guys highly and so do a lot of other great blogs. These guys never rest on their laurels and this is their 4th brilliant album in a short space of time.

And the hype is truly justified. This is another winner from one of the best Stoner/Doom Metal bands the scene has to offer at the moment.

Ice Dragon are one of those bands where each release is better than the last and this is no exception. It might be their most psychedelic offering to date. But it still has lots of cool Doom/Stoner riffs on show but with a great psych rock vibe to drive the Ice Dragon magic through to it’s epic conclusion.

The album just shows why they are one of the best bands on the scene at the moment. This album is just simply another unmissable release for all Ice Dragon fans.

What is even better the guys are giving this brilliant album away on Pay Anything You Want Download on BandCamp. So headover now and get the next chapter in the evolution of this great band.

Awesome stuff and highly recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

BandCamp - Check their other brilliant releases right now. You won't be disappointed.