Thursday 30 August 2012


Blood Red Water is a Sludge Metal Band from Venezia/Padova, Italy

The members are

Michele: chronic amphetamine vocals
Fiorica: rheumatic alcoholic cymbals
Volt: feedback junkie
Dodi: the hand of doom

I featured this excellent band way back in Feb 2012. Well the guys recently contacted me to tell them about their new tour.

Blood Red Water will join the Mother Fuzzers Ball for two concerts in Dublin this November.

These will be our first dates ever out of Italy and we are proud to play our sludgy music with bands such as Electric Taurus, Triggerman, Chocolate Love Factory…and more!

· 01/11 @ Fibber Magees , Dublin


· 03/11 @ The Pint, Dublin


Catch them if you can if your in Ireland as these guys are a brilliant band you need to check out. Also check out the other great bands on the bill.

Check This Great Band Below: