Wednesday 8 August 2012

Inertia Pills

Inertia Pills are a Post-Hardcore/Screamo/Prog Metal Band From France

The members are: Sébastien/Olivier/Julien/Guillaume

Inertia Pills play a brutal blend of Metal blending Post-Hardcore, Screamo and Prog Metal to portray an unflinching blend of metal.

The guys say they their music should appeal to fans of the following bands: Aussitôt Mort, Tool, Isis, Mastodon, At the drive-in, Refused...

Well I am a fan of all those bands and you can hear influences of those great bands on Inertia Pills style of music. Not too much though so the band can really stand on their own merits.

Their new album - Behind The Skyline is a superb and highly provocative blend of music. It features 6 songs and runs for a blistering 40 minutes or so that will get under your skin in no time at all.

The guys are all highly talented musicians and showcases another side of French Metal we don't hear too much about or feature on this blog.

The album does features excellent riffs to head-bang to. I am not the biggest Screamo fan but Inertia Pills are an exception to the rule. These guys are hugely talented and show a passion for their style of music that makes it very hard to ignore.

The album draws you in with each listen to show a highly promising band who I hope release more top-notch  releases like this. As Behind The Skyline is a major triumph for this great band.

Inertia Pills are offering this for Free Download on BandCamp right now and I urge you all to check this out. You will be pleasantly surprised like I was. A great release and highly recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: