Saturday 4 August 2012

Duskburn - Left For The Wolves EP

Duskburn are a four piece sludge outfit from Zagreb, Croatia.

After four self-released albums, the guys are back with a new four-track EP called ‘Left for the Wolves’.

If you’re into your stoner doom infused sludge, then Duskburn are the band for you. You can definitely hear influences from bands like Electric Wizard here, but it’s done in a much darker, almost black metal-esque way. Couple this with the occasional psychedelic interlude and you’ve got a very awesome unique sound.

The vocals on this EP range from the traditional abrasive sludge shout/screams to almost meditative chanting to funeral doom style growls.

Every track on this release is brilliant and the way it’s been produced brings about an awesome atmosphere that really does leave the listener feeling like they’ve been ‘Left for the wolves’. It’s basically what would happen if Callisto became suicidal.

The standout track here is definitely “Acid Rites”, where the guys have managed to seamlessly blend pretty much every genre in our little ‘niche’ together. The song opens with a brilliant stoner/sludge psychedelic section that you could nearly class as post-metal. What follows is something truly epic and unique, as funeral doom vocals surf those trippy waves before the song evolves into a full melancholic sludge affair.

Unbelievably, this EP is completely free from the Duskburn bandcamp, so go download it right now. You won’t regret it.