Wednesday 8 August 2012

RED DESERT - Damned by Fate Review

Damned by Fate cover art

Red Desert are a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Minneapolis, USA

The member are:

Shawn Stende, Jeff Kluegel, Paul Teeter, Dave Dancho

Red Desert play a groove laiden fuzzed up blend of Hard Rock and Stoner Metal to pummel the senses too. They have been on this blog before earlier this year when I checked out their 2008 debut EP - 18 Wheels.

Well after 4 long years the guys are back with their excellent debut full length record - Damned by Fate. Now available to buy on BandCamp.

So what has changed since their debut EP. Well quite a fucking lot. The riffs are heavier, better and longer. These guys have unleashed a brilliant album upon to the world.

Damned by Fate is a 9 song and 47 minute blast of top-notch Stoner Metal riffage. If your into Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet, Truckfighters and Wino then your going to love this.

This sounds like the perfect molotov cocktail of those great bands. And the results are equally as explosive. It's got everything you want in a brilliant modern Stoner Metal album. Riffs, Great Vocals, Anger, Passion and a whole truckload of Fuzz Rock to quench your appetite.

I fell in love this album instantly when I bought the other day. It's a complete joy from start to finish. The guys have written 9 perfectly crafted Stoner Metal tracks that will instantly build on their fan base.

Red Desert are going places. Thank Fuck they have the songs to back their immense talent up. Especially on great tracks like - Older No Wiser, Slow Kill, Dead Man's Tracks and my fave - Devil's Curse.

This album just fucking rocks from start to finish. It's full of amazing riffs to get your teeth stuck into and some will last long in the memory after you have finished listening to it.

Red Desert are ace musicians and prove it time and time again on Damned by Fate. As stated before my fave track is Devil's Curse as it sounds like a fuzzed up stoner metal version of Alice In Chains. It's 6 mins of pure rock brilliance from an album I cannot rate highly.

Sorry to go on like a broken record but the main selling point of this album is the riffs. This album has it all the way through. You never get bored. You just savour every second and minute of this superb album. You have 9 brilliant songs to check out here. Just press play and listen to it. Over and Over again.

This is another amazing Stoner Metal album you all need in your collection right now. So head over to BandCamp right now and order yourself a copy. It's an outstanding album that will be getting featured on all the top blogs anytime soon.

Phenomenal. End of and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: