Thursday 30 August 2012

Peacemaker Album Sampler

Album Sampler cover art

Peacemaker were formed in London in 2010. Sam Taylor and Rich Maw- former members of Humberside death metal band Infliction- contacted former Satanic Fatwa bassist Al Lawson and embarked a musical quest. Eschewing any scene, trend or nod to what was currently in vogue, they instinctively knew they had to play: True, Old School, Doom Laden Metal.

With an album of music written and rehearsed the search was on for a vocalist. Ravens Creed (and former Satanic Fatwa) frontman Al Osta was recruited from his lair in Leeds and quickly pledged his allegiance to the cause. Death to the Betrayers. Welcome to the Fifth Circle of Hell.

All music by Taylor/Maw/Lawson, Lyrics by Maw/Osta
Produced, engineered and mixed by Al Lawson at Kore Studios, London

1. Dead Man's Keys

The song tells part of the story of a city banker who ended up hanged during a sex game. Two prostitutes, a length of rope and a dark wood at night. The lyrics seek to deal with the psychological issues behind what happened and the despair that the protagonist no doubt felt."Did he jump or was he pushed?" Probably a little of both.

2. Sorrow Trip

Introspection and self obsession are a huge part of modern day living. The lyrics are a close analysis of someone who has gone down a path that they should not have started on. Fate is often dismissed as an antiquated idea, but the fact is that people see their future coming and do nothing about it.

3. The Siberian Problem

Cliff Burton once said: "It's about huge guys marching around... huge fuckers so big they compete with buildings in size." Unlike Sorrow Trip this is all about power and strength. Russia has always presented the idea of the unknown to many people in the West - it is so vast and wild. Could there be mutants out there? Could they be preparing to crush the West in all its pathetic modernity? We hope so

There is an album of 8 tracks, including the three above, recorded and ready for release - we are looking for a label to put it out!

Wow if this is a free album sampler kindly given away by the band from BandCamp then I can't wait to hear the finished album. As the 3 songs on here just fucking kill it big time.

It's loud, mean, dirty and angry as fuck. The way Sludge/Doom Metal is supposed to be.

Take my word for it. This is the real deal. Awesome Stuff.

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