Saturday 25 August 2012


APE! are a Grunge/Stoner Rock Band from Philadelphia, USA

The members are:

Louis Sarris
Matt Gorzynski
Sean Connolly

APE! are a wonderful Grunge/Stoner Metal band taking influence from many great bands past and present but putting their own vibe on their own style of music.

This what APE!'s Facebook Bio has to say:

"APE! are time-travelers. This is not a marketing ploy or a lie or a miscommunication on anyone's part. In 1991 this elite group escaped a detention center only to be swiftly apprehended by NASA and forced into an experimental dimensional travel program. Stripped of their clothes and morals, armed only with a Stooges record of questionable quality, and disoriented from fate's apparent disregard for the time/space continuum, they inexplicably landed in Newark, DE. Louis (soldier of fortune), Gink (martial and marital arts) and Sean (percussi-bot) neither can nor will be stopped. If you aren't with them, you're against them. "

Well the guys have released their excellent 2nd full length record - 1991 - An 8 song and 33 minute blast of top notch riffs that will have you hooked in seconds.

Especially on opening track - 1991. A 3 minute blast of superb riffage that the band will show you what's coming up next.

Other great tracks to check out is Summer Rambo, Social Punishment Theory and Kindness Equals Weekness.

This is a band that is very tongue in cheek but have a great style of wit and substance in their music.

1991 does take you back to your younger years (if you were around then like myself) as it features some cool grunge rock vibes and modern day Stoner Rock riffs.

It's another excellent release from these hugely talented rockers and shows why I rate them very highly.

It's available on BandCamp on Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. So headover there now and get downloading. Also check out their amazing back catalogue as well. Especially their superb debut album - The Dirger.

Highly Recommended. 

Get Checking This Great Band Now from the links below:

BandCamp - Where you can buy this brilliant album on Vinyl as well.