Monday 20 August 2012

All Hail The Yeti S/T Album Review

 All Hail The Yeti is a Thrash/Stoner/Sludge Metal Band from USA

The members are:

Connor Garritty (vocals)
Nicholas Diltz (bass)
Skylar Feigel (drums)
Craw NeQuent (guitar)

All Hail The Yeti is a Thrash/Stoner/Sludge Metal band blending elements of Southern Metal and Metalcore into their music. They are one of the hotly tipped new breed of bands that is becoming quite popular of late.

They are about to release their highly anticipated S/T debut album. An 11 song and 59 minute bruising encounter of pummelling riffs and brutal vocals to match.

The album is heavy from the word go and very dark to boot as well. It blends the different genre’s to expect effect to provide the listener with an uncomfortable listen at times. All Hail The Yeti never stick to any one genre so they are very hard to categorize on the first listen. But after a couple of listens you stat to feel the full effect of this heavy and pounding album.

The songs are brilliantly titled with to match the eerie mood the band is trying to convey such as - Deep Creek, When The Sky Falls, The Art Of Mourning and Judas Cradle.

All showing what this band does expertly well. Brutal vocals and top notch riffs to match to push their hard hitting stories to their natural conclusion.

The guys also incorporate scary sound bites from cult creepy thriller Session 9 into their music as well. Current Sludgelord faves – Alaskan – did an entire album on this to brutal and creepy effect. So it’s great to hear that creepy film put to good use yet again in a Sludge/Stoner/Thrash Metal album.

The vocals are handled expertly well by Connor. He brings a great sense of passion and virtue to the table. These are vocals you understand clearly from the word go.

All Hail The Yeti have blended in creepy style atmospherics with modern day Southern Metal Swamp Type Sludge nastiness and it pays off big time. All Hail The Yeti already have a fearsome live reputation and it’s great to see that energy come through on this expertly produced album.

This is a highly accomplished debut album which will gain the band a huge fan base. If your looking for a life changing album this aint it. This album is about brutal riffs with a creepy underlying vibe to it and it’s a winning formula that should get All Hail The Yeti noticed by the bigger bands if they want an excellent opening band to tour with.

This album is an excellent album indeed but I expect future releases is where these guys will become better known and probably more adventurous with their music. There already off to a winning start with this great album.

Highly Recommended. All Hail The Yeti is available from all good stockists now.

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