Wednesday 22 August 2012


Outer Gods are a Noise/Doom/Dark Ambient Metal Band from Atlanta

The members are:

The Flail: guitars, noise.
The Wrathe: oscillators, organs, noise.

Outer Gods are a superb Noise/Doom/Ambient Metal Band dealing with the darker side of life. Their music is not the most easiest thing to listen to. Though Noise/Ambient Music never is. I am big fan of this style of music. Especially when the bands are as inventive as Outer Gods.

Their new EP - The Mountains Den Demo - is a 2 song and 20 minute epic of Ambient Metal mixed in with Doom and Noise Rock that will put a lot of people off.

But if your a fan of this type of music ala Sunn 0))) then you will find much to admire here. This is dark volatile stuff. But you can't but admire the work these two musicians have put into their work.

The Mountains Den is probably the most conventional song while the second song - Tir Na Bas is even more experimental in nature. But I applaud the guys vision and creativity for doing something different.

This is a release for all the Noise/Ambient Metal fans. Great stuff if you have the courage to listen to it.

Check This Great Release from BandCamp right now as it's free to download. Or you can download it via Mediafire as well which the band have setup on their BandCamp Page.

CD Releases can be emailed here.

Check This Great Band Below.