Wednesday 22 August 2012


Son Of A Witch EP cover art

Son Of A Witch is a Stoner Metal Band from Brasil.

The members are

King Lizzard - vocals
Space Ghost - guitar
Gila Monster - guitar
Bong Monkey - bass
Asteroid Mammoth - drums

Son Of A Witch plays a great blend of Stoner Metal influenced by bands like Monster Magnet, Kyuss and Fu Manchu. If your into the 90’s classic era of Monster Magnet then you will right at home here.

As Son Of A Witch play the same top-notch Stoner Metal riffs with great vocals to match. But on a slightly more psychedelic scale. They have just released their excellent S/T EP – A 3 song and 20 minute ride of sublime riffs to check out time and time again.

2 of the tracks run past the 7 minute mark. So this is music to get your teeth stuck in to that will leave you with fond memories when Stoner Metal ruled the roost back in the mid 90’s.

Though the guys add some modern metal riffs to their blend of music as well. Look this is a release you all need to check out. It’s loud from the word go and captures the spirit why we love Stoner Metal so well.

Don’t let this release pass you by. It’s a fantastic EP you need to download for free from BandCamp right now. Or download it from Mediafire which is from the guys themselves on their Facebook Page.

We have already featured this great EP on our Facebook Page earlier this week. And it’s we rate very highly indeed.

It’s expertly played and produced by all involved. My only complaint is that I didn’t want this great release to end. It needed that just one extra song to satisfy my cravings for this great band.

But it’s better leaving the crowd wanting more. A sign of a great band doing it’s job. And Son Of A Witch passes with flying colours. On whatever transport they use – Bong-pipe or Broomstick.

Excellent stuff and Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below:

Mediafire - Posted by the band themselves on their Facebook Page.