Wednesday 22 August 2012

HAARP - Husks Review

HAARP is a Sludge Metal band from New Orleans, USA

The members are:

Shaun - Vocals
Grant - Guitar
Keith - Drums
Bret - Bass

HAARP are a Sludge/Doom Metal band specialising in loud and brutal riffs from the onset. Since their formation in 2005 they have released a few releases and a well received debut album - The Filth - in 2010.

They are currently signed to the legend that is – Phil Anselmo’s record label – Housecore Records. Well HAARP are back with their most punishing and creative work to date – Husks – which has been produced by Phil as well.

A 3 song and 38 minute blast of truly awe-inspiring Sludge/Doom metal which is loud from the word go.

There are no short tracks like their previous excellent release. HAARP have delivered something far more special upon to the world. This is HAARP at their most ferocious and most bleak as well.

HAARP have delivered their most impressive work to date. It might put a few of their fans off as this is more like an Atmospheric Sludge Metal album than a conventional Sludge/Doom Metal album.

The 3 tracks have a great mix of Atmospheric Riffs blended in with the more straight forward Hardcore/Sludge/Doom riffs that HAARP have delivered previously.

The 1st track – Deadman/Rabbit is a pulsating 18 minute epic going threw so many emotions that it’s a breathtaking force of nature to listen to. Which means one listen is never enough. This song has the perfect blend of slow riffs, fast riffs and top-notch hardcore based vocals courtesy of vocalist Shaun to take over your fragile pitiful life.

Up next is – Bear – An 9 minute assault on the senses. And like the great creature it’s named after. It’s an unleashed beast of the most primal fury blend of atmospheric sludge mixed in with hard-hitting Sludge/Doom Metal that takes time in snaring it’s prey. Before unleashing it’s final carnage of action packed riffs.

The last track is – Fox – A 12 minute epic that doesn’t change course. HAARP have a mission to carry out. And it’s a mission they pull off brilliantly. Fox brings this album to a wonderful finish. It features more of the same riffs with an equally hard hitting message attached.

By the end of this track, HAARP will leave you feeling emotionally drained but the more better for it. It’s a release that will stay in your subconscious for a very long time. And one journey you will not easily forget.

Phil Anselmo has done a superb job in producing this excellent release. I can’t fault his work one bit. He captures the animalistic nature of HAARP down to perfection. You can hear every mean riff right through your body. It’s one of the best produced albums I have heard this year.

HAARP have delivered the perfect balance between sonic destruction and right down nasty filth decaying Sludge Metal. This is a truly wonderful and highly original work that HAARP will rightly get major acclaim for.

A brilliant release from a truly breathtaking and forward thinking band. Awesome and highly recommended.

You can buy Husks on Housecore Records from all good stockists from September 18th 2012.

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