Thursday 30 August 2012


THENN are a Crust/Black Metal Band From Bloomington, Indiana, USA

The members are: Dillon, Perry, Josh, Matt

THENN are a relatively new band who deal in brutal sounds of the darker side of metal. And these guys fucking rock big time.

Their bio states:

"THENN is a black metal/crust band for fans of Young and In the Way, Torch Runner, and earlier Darkthrone. We were hoping you could feature us on your blog/write up a little review. All of our music can be downloaded on Bandcamp."

So if your into Crust/Black Metal and are fans of he above bands then your going to love this. These guys play fast and furious with a great angry edge as well.

Their  new EP - Threshing The Golden Fields is a 5 song and 14 minute brutal blast of top-notch metal carnage.

Just headover to BandCamp and download this excellent EP now. It's an excellent release from a great band who I want to hear more of.

Awesome stuff and highly recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: