Saturday 25 August 2012


Ignite cover art

Spartakiev are a Desert Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Spartakiev play a blend of Blues Rock, Desert Rock and Stoner Rock that will speak to fans of great bands such as KYUSS, QOTSA, Fu Manchu amongst others.

They were featured on this blog last year with their excellent debut album. Now they are back with more of the same top-notch Stoner Rock riffs with IGNITE - A 6 song and 30 minute blast of high energy and action packed Stoner Rock Riffs.

So if you liked their last great release you will surely love this. Nothing much has changed. Spartakiev still show the same great Blues Rock/Desert Rock/Stoner Rock riffs. 

My fave song on IGNITE is the 8:11 minute epic - Breach. A great Stoner Rock song to brighten up any day of the year. And a track that shows what this great band does so well.

It's expertly played and produced by all involved which should gain then a whole load of fans. What is even better the guys are releasing this excellent album for free on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal.

So headover now for some top-notch modern day Stoner Rock Riffs.

Check This Great Band Below