Friday 3 August 2012

BEASTWOOD - Alabama Space Witch Album Review

Beastwood are a Southern Metal/Hard Rock Band from Casper, WY, USA

The members are

Jake - Vocals
Blake - Guitar
Jeff - Drums
Tanner- Bass

Beastwood are a hard rocking Southern Metal band with a great blend of top-notch NOLA Riffage. Beastwood released their debut album Sex Devil back in 2011 which won some praise at the time.

It made me a fan of their work. It was full of high energy and passionate hard rocking Southern Metal riffs. Well the guys are back with their best work to date.

Alabama Space Witch might give you the impression this a Doom/Space Rock album. Well it’s nothing like that at all. It’s a superb collection of hard rocking southern metal songs paying homage to the legendary NOLA scene.

The album has 14 tracks and runs for about 55 mins or so. The only complaint that I have is with the last song – River Of Life is on for 15 mins or so but only 4 mins contains actual real music. Other 11 minutes is silence and a cool phone message.

But that small complaint aside Beastwood have delivered a heavy and brutal pulsating album full of top notch Southern Metal/NOLA riffage

I have to thank Jeff from the band for letting me review this as he honestly said he doesn’t know much about the site but was willing to give me a chance of reviewing his band’s superb album.

If your into the Southern Metal/NOLA scene then your know what to expect. Loud, angry and passionate riffs with vocals to match singing about life’s trial and tribulations.

Beastwood make you care about their struggles and have you head-banging at the same time. The 14 songs never get tiresome. There are no tricky progressive riffs just honest top-notch guitar playing from a great band.

If your into Corrosion Of Conformity, EyeHateGod and Down then you will be a fan of this genre of music. So you will not need much convincing to check this superb band out.

The guys have excelled themselves since their debut album. Lyrically and musically. This album is better in every respect such as production and the execution of the songs. All of the songs have a natural feel to them.

I don’t want to do a song by song review as 14 can make my job a lot harder. LOL – But believe me all of the tracks are great as each other. Especially – Hit The Skids, Burn it Down III, Snake Of Fortune and the excellent slow-burning mobile/lighter in the air future crowd pleaser song – Man of Many Names.

All in all Beastwood have released a brilliant album that will surely be getting them praise like their debut album. Just this time – Alabama Space Witch should propel the band onto greater and bigger things.

Brilliant Stuff and Highly Recommended. – Thanks to the band for letting me review this. Really appreciated.

I would put the official album cover on the article but his album is so hot off the press it's still being designed. Alabama Space Witch will be available to buy later this year. Thanks for the guys for letting me review this so quickly. Much Appreciated.

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