Saturday 25 August 2012

HORDERS - Fimbulvetr Review


Horders is a Drone/Ambient/Noise/Acoustic/Metal Artist from Texas USA.

Horders is the audio output of well respected underground artist - GIVE UP. He has done a whole truck load of amaizng artwork and designs for over a decade now for a whole bunch of cool people and brands.

Well GIVE UP is venturing into musical territory under the alias of Horders. His outstanding debut - Fimbulvetr - album is being released on vinyl by Feast Of Tentacles who provided the following press release.

"Over a year in the making, the first official full length album from GIVE UP audio project HORDERS. featuring 14 primarily instrumental tracks that blend elements of ambient drone, harsh noise, acoustic guitar, and metal. creating an aural response to the GIVE UP visual assault in the form of a heavily layered, cycling dirge. ebb and flow, beauty and filth. produced and engineered as a solo project, ‘fimbulvetr’ features guest spots by members of THE BURDEN, WITHDRAWAL, 50/50. Vinyl s housed in a full color gatefold jacket. produced in a first pressing of only 500 (400 black, 100 clear). each record comes in a hand screened black inner sleeve along with a canvas patch. All art and design by GIVE UP"

Well so what is Fimbulvetr like. It's a 14 song and 51 minute abyss into the bleaks of despair of hell. Driven together by harsh ambient drone metal soundscapes with noise driving it all the way through.

One song is never the same. Everyone is totally different showing the bleak sides of humanity. It's put together by different strands of genres but still in a bleak and varied atmosphere. This is experimental music at it's most harsh and most fierce.

GIVE UP's years of an underground graffiti artist shows very prominently here. As the music is the perfect soundtrack to a decaying world. And HORDERS is not afraid to show the bleak sounds of this morbid existence we called life.

I would do a song by song review but the album is not meant of that. It's to show what the human spirit can go through. It's bleak, sad and depressing but HORDERS does show some cool light post-rock vibes as well. But only for a brief glimmer of hope before the dark heavy ambient atmosphere takes over your life.

This album is an experience you will never forget. It's dark, brooding and unforgiving. This is a journey you must take alone. But you might be a changed person after the 51 minutes are up.

This is not your run of the mill artist or album. This is an album you will need to listen for yourselves. I think it''s a dark, cold and unflinching masterpiece from a true voice in Experimental Music and in Modern Art.

Fimbulvetr is expertly produced in a top-notch DIY way which is how Horders operates. Very grime like but full of wonderful atmosphere you don't hear much of these days.

This album if you have the courage to listen to it will say something to everyone who listens to it.

Highly Recommended.

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