Thursday 30 August 2012

Throw The Goat - Black Mountain Review

Black Mountain cover art

Throw The Goat is a Punk Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Idyllwild, California  USA

The members are:

Michael Schnalzer a.k.a. "Barba Rojo" - Bass, Lead Vox
Johnny Wilson a.k.a. "Johnny Trash" - Rhythm Guitar, Vox
Brian Parnell a.k.a. "Puke" - Lead Guitar, Vox
Tim Olivier a.k.a. "Señor Queso" - Drums

Throw The Goat are a high energy and fast & furious Punk Rock/Stoner Metal Band from a small town in California.Their bio should tell you the struggles they had to overcome to get their insane blend of great music to the masses …

"We're from a small town (population 3874) in the middle of nowhere, there's no scene for us where we live so we hustle our asses off playing dive bars to legendary venues around southern California and even toured down to Costa Rica last February. It's hard to find bands that "sound like us" so we just play with awesome rock, punk and metal bands - we've opened for Prong, Death By Stereo, D.I., Fireball Ministry and many others. We do this 100% on our own, completely independent. Our debut album Black Mountain, which we're releasing ourselves in a few weeks, can be streamed for free at: It was produced by Alex Pappas from Finch."

Well Throw The Goat has unleashed their superb debut album onto the world. And what an album it is. Black Mountain is an 11 song and 41 minute blast of punk rock driven stoner metal riffs.

The album has been produced by Alex Pappas from post-hardcore heroes – FINCH.

Upon first listen you might think you have heard this style of songs before. You may have but give it a few more listens and these guys will have you rocking in time at all like they did with me.

Black Mountain showcases the band’s talents for writing high energy Punk Rock/Stoner Metal tracks with some great lyrics to match. What is original is the guys drive and creativity in delivering an action packed album full of great tracks that will get any party or crowd moshing to a great start.

Their might be no complex shredding prog riffs but these guys still know how to play a mean riff. .This album knows what it is and makes no qualms about it. It’s an unashamed album of great tracks to get the body pumping from start to finish.

Especially on great tracks like – Too Late, Last Call, Predictable, Excuses and I Always Lie.

The vocals are delivered with a great hardcore punk snarling edge but with the right amount emotion and self aware. You can tell these guys are mad at something and they want to let the whole world know. From a town with a small population the aggression was bound to built up to some of its town folk. And Thank The Metal Heavens that Throw The Goat were formed.

As this album is just a pure blast from start to finish. It has no hidden messages just straight in your face great punk rock/stoner metal songs we all need to rock out to time and time again.

Alex has done a brilliant job in producing this excellent album. You can hear every note played loud and thick that it vibrates brilliantly well when played loud.

It’s got a great DIY feel to it as well. It doesn’t feel polished like some major league bands. Just a hard working honest band playing their great music the way it’s supposed to be played. Raw, Angry and in your face.

The 40 minutes just flies by and this is an album that gets better witch each listen. Black Mountain should hopefully gain the band a bigger fan base as they are a hugely talented bunch of musicians.

OK 6 songs might have been on their debut EP which you can download for free. But they haven’t sounded as good as this. This is how the songs should have originally sounded. Alex has given the songs a fresh edge.

So all in all this is a great debut album that showcases what Throw The Goat is all about. And a band that includes an amazing drinking song - Havin A Beer - deserves to be heard as many people as possible.

You can buy this excellent album from BandCamp on Sept 11th. I recommend you all to check this great band now. You won’t be sorry.

Highly Recommended.

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