Wednesday 16 May 2012


split w/ Co-pilot cover art

ALASKAN and CO-PILOT are two brilliant Sludge/Post-Metal Bands who have released an awesome Split-Recording S/T Album.

ALASKAN are from Ontario, Canada.
Co-Pilot are from Houston, Texas, USA.

ALASKAN are current faves of mine who have been on this blog before here and here. So when these guys emailed about their amazing new split release with Co-Pilot then I am going to take notice. I should of noticed this sooner since Topon Das is involved once again. He is one of my fave producers and artist and mastermind behind legendary grindcore bruisers - FUCK THE FACTS.

But back to this great release. It's a 20 minute monster. Each band contributing brilliant 10 minute epic tracks to rock your fragile little world. Overall it's a 20 minute thrill ride you will never forget.

Full of passionate Sludge/Post-Metal riffs which both bands are masters at.

Co-Pilot's track - The Bering Sea is purely Instrumental but its one the heaviest instrumental tracks I heave heard this year. Beautifully composed and structured. This is a colossal song from a band I didn't know much about.

ALASKAN are one of my fave Post-Metal Bands around at the moment. Their two albums are still some of my faves I have discovered through running this blog. Well they don't disappoint on their side of things.

Euthanize is a 9:36 minute epic of heavy pounding atmospheric Sludge riffs that ALASKAN have became famous for. It slowly builds into a loud wall of noise before the usual business of sublime Post-Metal riffs kick in. Then your already hooked.

This is a great split-release and shows two bands at the top of their game. This is a release to enjoy as one full release as these two bands fit together perfectly. They are both amazing musicians and it shows fully on this superb release.

All I can say is download this amazing release now. As it's available on BandCamp right now on Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. You can buy the Vinyl from the links on the page as well.

So get downloading this brilliant blast of Sludge/Post-Metal from the links below. You won't regret it. Highly Recommended.

purchase LP here: