Sunday 20 May 2012


Owl EP cover art

OWL is a Hard Rock/Stoner Metal Band from Oakland, USA.

The members are:

Alex Baechle, Axell Baechle, Clint Baechle, Melanie Burkett

I have to thank Clint for emailing about his great band. He sent me an excellent email about his brilliant band which I am going to publish now. Makes my job a lot easier as well. Plus they are using a brilliant label from my hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

""San Francisco Bay Area retro metallers Owl are set to release theirdebut single "Stone Loner" on ebruary 17. Across the two sides of the record you will find primitive Zeppellin-esque bashings, bouts of Thin Lizzy/Maiden style dual guitar isms, and even a frightening journey into the realm of galactic terror! The band consists of three brothers (the youngest one still only 17) who have been playing together since late 2009. 

A popular demo tape was released in 2010, and the lineup was soon completed with the addition of bass player Melanie Burkett. The "Stone Loner Single" is a joint release between the band's own Magick Hermit imprint and Tombs In The Valley Productions from Newcastle, UK."
And here's what Maximum Rock 'n' Roll had to say about the demo tape:

"This band seems to have come to fruition out of the NWOBHM lovin' sect within the Oakland, CA crust metal scene. OWL consists of three brothers and an unrelated girl, in cluding members of ACTS OF SEDITION and STORMCROW. Their guitarist who is truly impressive with those crazy solos - not to be missed live. I heard a rumor that this tape was recorded when he was... thirteen years old? I call bullshit, but if it's true, he's like a witching hour miracle. The recording has a vintage raw sound, and captures the band's late 70's, early 80's British influence. Same recording quality and vibe of the remastered PENTAGRAM demos or what witchcraft was going for by using only vintage gear. I think these guys might like HAWKWIND? Anyway, this is one of those tapes you flip over and over for days and get the riffs stuck in your head. Beautifully executed and well worth the $4 asking price." (Amelia)

Well you now know what to expect from this great band. NWOBHM mixed with Doom and Stoner Metal with a great retro style vibe. True there are a lot of bands doing this sort of music as well. But OWL are probably one of the best bands I have heard doing this.

They are receiving a lot of praise for their music and it's not hard to see why. It's do damn fucking great. All I can say. Head over to their BandCamp Page and check out all their music for yourself.

Clint and the other members of this brilliant band have sent me Mediafire Links to download their brilliant music. My fave song is "Stone Loner" from their new S/T EP as it incorporates some of my favourite artists when I was growing up. And it shows what a great band OWL actually are.

You can buy all your physical needs from BandCamp

Check This Great Band Below: